Friday, 21 September 2007

Vandaag is Aidan's Eerste Verjaardag!

From a day to a year......

21st September 2006 - Hello world Aidan Hardy is geboren

Oktober 2006 - I need sleep, lots of it Aidan 1 maand

November 2006- Sultan Aidan 2 maanden

December 2006 - Don't mess with me Aidan 3 maanden

Januari 2007 - On all four, world in a correct perspective Aidan 4 maanden

Februari 2007 - Future football star Aidan 5 maanden

Maart 2007 - Growing and growing Aidan 6 maanden

April 2007 - Getting bulat-er Aidan 7 maanden

May2007 - Ground explorer Aidan 8 maanden

Juni 2007 - Aqua lover Aidan 9 maanden

Juli 2007 - Through the glass Aidan 10 maanden

August 2007 - Relaxing Aidan 11 maanden



Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Aidan! Stay cute always! So geram! I'd love to pinch your cheeks again. Take care, dear. From Tante Lien & Natasha

Theta said...

Hartelijk Gefeliciteered Aidan! *beaming*

Have a great first-year party (or is it being postponed after Raya? ;-) )

Anonymous said...

happy 1st birthday aidanboy!

Having fun being a mommy kan za? Nevermind..this is only the beginning...what kind of celebration would you guys have for this special boy? to share?


k.ct said...

dear aidan,

hepy 1st birthday budak encem..(handsome boy)..alwayz b gud n dun notty2 ok!aunty ct n abang haqiff will alwayz pray the best for u n ur family.Amin...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday aidan hencemm!! semoga panjang umur, sihat and murah rezeki, and ohh maintain cute lah! those pictures are lovely, pandai aidan posing laa. so, bila nak buat besday party nih? mama aidan is so creative bet the decor's superb! - yaya

zuraida said...

Happy 1st birthday Aidan. Love from Hamizan & Auntie Zue.

Lollies said...

so the comeelll. happy birthday good boy

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

SELAMAT HARI JADI, GELUKKIGE VERJAARDAG, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!! May Allah bless your cute little soul, hv tons of fun with Mamma & Pappa. Veel dikke kusjes van Noraatke, Tante Mush and Nonkel Brecht (van Gent, Belgie)

Frankensteina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aidan *hugsy*

He looks so much like you. Momma's boy aye? ;)

rini said...

Oh My God
Those cheeekkksssss !
sedapnya kalau gigittt !
He's sooo adorable.

Happy 1st Birthday Aidan.

ps : sudah balik cuti cuti kah ?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!!! Wishing you lots of love, happiness and the wonders of the world!

Z, I know how you feel when you left him at school. It is heart-wrenching. I m going through the horrible feeling myself.

Love. La Nina

M A Janssen said...

Happy Birthday to Aidan & many happy returns of the day. Apologies I haven't been able to come over this week like how I had promised - bugged down by the flu so hopefully we can meet next week. Hope you have a good day with all in the family. Take care & lots of hugs from the 3 of us here in Kampung Daniken.

Ajzie said...

happy birthday aidan...
nak geget.. geram betul dengan aidan.. bularrrrt sgt kan kan. berketul2 mcm ubi rebus tangan dia tuh.

Anonymous said...

Happy Aidan Day!


I Cook4Fun said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!!! Handsome lah your boy Zaza

Cat Cat said...

Happy Birthday to baby Aidan. Very handsome boy lah.. Can I take him home with me???? Nak cium pipinya and cuddle him to sleep...

Kak Nisa said...

Zaza...somehow i bloghopped for some recipe and I found you here! Oh Wow! Remember me? Kak Nisa? :D I am soo happy that you are now married with Hardy and a mommy to a cutie boy! I always travel to Europe for work and sometimes I transit at, who knows can visit you :D must email me ok :) Take care!

IbuHaziq said...

happy birthday lil' aidan....u r sooooo comel ok :)

zara's mama said...

Can really see him grow in these pix!

Frankensteina said...

He has grown up to be a very handosme man :)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tante lien: come and visit us soon and pinch my cheeks again! ;) hehe..

theta: thank you!! we party the whole month!!

ayong: we're having fun each day as each day we discover more and more about him! best tapi pinggang aku sakit, tak larat dukong dia yang dah 12+ kg!!

k.ct: thank you for your prayers and we'll do the same for everyone too!

yaya: no big do la ya. just a moderate one.. with the people we love.

k.zue: thank you k.zue and hamizan!! hugs and kisses!

lollies: sungguh the kusmangat too you know!

tante mush & family: bedankt!!

frankie: ye la, he looks just like me.. so the tembam!! but he's a daddy's boy!!

rini: kami sudah balik bercuti. sungguh kepenatan sehingga nak beronline pon tak kesampaian sampai lah kini! hehe.. thank you for the wishes dear!

la nina: are you going through the same? how are you coping? are you ok? dont worry k? we'll get through this and i'm sure when we look back at it one day we will surely laugh (or they will surely laugh at us!)

kg.daniken: hey.. no worries. please dont trouble yourself. its the thought that counts! hope you're feeling much better now! better take care, there's lots to come this raya with ketupat rendang and all the food back home!

ajzie: sedapnya ubi rebusssss!!

tw: it was indeed a happy aidan day! thank you so much! ;)

gert: thank you gert!!

cat: aidan pergi sekolah half a day pon i dah menangis teresak esak!! ni kan lagi soh aidan gi amareka dok ngan tante cat.. adoiii.. tante cat come here la..

k.nisa: hiya!! of course i remember you. i wouldnt forget! i'm so sorry for not being able to contact you before we left for NL. i cant begin to tell you how busy we all were at that time. my appologies. hope all is well with you! we're slightly far from amsterdam, 2.5 hours drive. but do give us a shout when you're here! you take care! lots of love!!

ibuhaziq: thank you so much! and you have a cute little boy yourself!! enjoying him?

zara&zaria's mama: his face changes la.. kan?

frankie: awww.. that's sweet of you! we hope he carries our family name well too!


Linad said...

Happy Belated B'day baby aidan...sorry aunt linad
tersgt bz lately smpi
dah ketinggalan ketapi...

Wish Aidan, mommy & daddy
have a pleasant time together
& semoga aidan bertambah
comel lote & bijak pandai