Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Aidan's 1st Birthday

Our son is now 1. how time flies so so fast. it was a year ago that i had the most tiring day of my life after a 24 hour labour and 3 epidurals (dont ask me, ask the dutch doctors!), it was a year ago that i felt the pain of contractions, and scratched hardy's hands whilst lying down on the hospital bed, and it was a year ago that i first held my most beautiful precious baby. it was a year ago we welcomed our son Aidan into this world. and then all the pain dissappeared. how time flies.
I wanted to write a poem for Aidan but i'm not much of a poet. not at all in fact. but anyway, here's one i composed a few mins ago:

1 year of buying pampers,

1 year of smelly diapers,

Panic, blur and helpless at first,

But now we hope we're less clueless.

Much to be said on the past 1 year (trust me, we've gone through quite a bit) but these days, i try to focus on what we have now.

Anyway, back to Aidan's day.. i didnt want to plan anything for Aidan's 1st. all i had in mind was just to be with the people who loves him most, and enjoy each other's company. that weekend was simply dedicated to the people who cares for him most, and making the best of it. what we have now.

We opened the presents one by one with all of us in the living room at kakak's (a few of us still in our pjs). i dont know who enjoyed it the most, Aidan or us! even Ferran enjoyed himself, with the balloon attached to his moses basket! he even wished Aidan happy birthday whilst on the changing mat!

They even ordered Aidan a cake. and i absolutely loved it! loved it loved it loved it! i almost cried when i first saw it. it was just so special.

Our son is now 1. and i still cant believe it. i am grateful, and very thankful that all of us are safe and in good health. extremely proud of Aidan, and looking forward to many many more birthdays to come (together with Ferran's next year!)

Uncle Ian, thank you so much for the walker. it was very thoughtful of you and how we are all so very touched. it now adds another 10 mins to my resting time. aidan loves it, especially the screw on the steering wheel!! see you in a couple of weeks and hopefully you and the walker will add an hour to my resting time (i.e: you+aidan+walker = play = zaza rest)

Ez, thanks for remembering and thanks for the lovely shirt! we're gonna wash it and make surre Aidan wears it to school this Friday. thank you so much (next time please dont worry about the box!)

K.Na, Nigel and baby Aiesha, thank you so much for driving all the way to see us! gosh isnt it amazing now the 3 of us are now holding our babies!? thanks so much for the present and spending time with us last weekend! we should do it more often k?

Adik, thank you so much for remembering and calling us. wishing aidan and wishing us love. you are most thoughtful and we really hope you and the girls will get to meet Aidan soon! abang and i love you very much.

Kakak, Redza, you guys have done so much for us last weekend. thank you for planning and organizing everything. we love the presents!! and again, thank you for being the perfect host to the 3 of us. we had a really good time! see you in a couple of weeks for raya!! yeyyy!! we love you both very much!

Mum, Dad, how does it feel to have a 1 year old cucu now? hehe. thank you so much for all the presents! especially the kassa! we had a wonderful time and we're glad that the both of you are here with us, on Aidan's 1st! love you both so very much!

Ferran, thank you for keeping Aidan's baloon! thank you for making all of us laugh. we've got loads to plan for your 1st!! hugs and kisses!!

And to Hardy, thank you for being the best dad, the coolest, full of love and support to both of us. thank you for driving us to the uk. we had the best 1st birthday! we love you soooooooooooo much!!

Last but no means least, you guys, the thoughtful you lot, who remembered, who wished, thank you ever so much guys!!

Aidan, we're very lucky! we have so many things to be thankful of. we love you loads and loads and hope you had a wonderful 1st birthday!



Cat Cat said...

Zaza, banyaknya present for Aidan... Mesti dia happy, kan..? Oh BTW, happy birthday to Aidan.

zara's mama said...

What a nice birthday, and so many presents!

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Frankensteina said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Aidan


Anonymous said...

Congratulations za, for having a beautiful n smart baby!! aidan again, happy the 1st to you. wahhh..and you had the most wonderful company there, must hv been really fun!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cat & zara&zaria's mama: thank you guys! you know what? they even wrap the tiny-est gift, so that he has lots to unwrap! heheh..

frankie: thank you my dear!! hugs and kisses to you too..

anonymous: thank you. it was fun indeed! and we had the best weekend ever! quite tiring too la.. but it was all good!


Theta said...

I love the cake too!
Looks like a wonderful celebration with your loved ones. :)

The walker is a Godsent, I tell ya ;)

M A Janssen said...

Glad you had a good time. You are such a lucky bunch to be able to celebrate Aidan's first birthday together. Hope Aidan had a good time with all of his family together - he's sure one very lucky baby, chubby cheeks and all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. where do you get the cake? It is damm cool... Aidan is soo lucky! Aidan, nanti bila aidan besar, bila aidan boleh baca dan bukak internet, aidan will know and will appreciate how lucky you are to have such a loving family. Aidan akan bersyukur atas segala kenikmatan Tuhan ni. Ye Aidan....

-Aunt Ez-

Anonymous said...

wow. wow. wow. what a fabulous celebration!