Thursday, 6 September 2007

Home Improvements

My bro-in-law is a DIY kind of guy. Equipped with most tools, he did most of the home improvements together with his good buddy Ian. I think they did the bathroom, internal doors, kitchen, flooring and painting among others. When we were there over the summer holidays, I noticed that the British loves conservatories, a feat that is not that popular here in Holland.

Anglianhome is one of the leading specialist in Conservatory, doors, garage conversions, driveways and of course, heritage doors and windows - to give your house a traditional look. As most houses are unique individually, conservatory can be custom made fitting to your liking. And this type of house extension does give a boost to your property value. The closest interest that I had about a similar 'glass' structure is when I was a the local DIY store - well, I just want a small hut for my plants and vege's.......

Back home in Malaysia, I tried hard to recall if I ever been in one. The closest structure is like at Z's former house no. 21 - a roof is extended from the house facing the garden, without walls. I miss it since we had breakfasts there every morning....especially the tosai!

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