Thursday, 6 September 2007

Our Man In Black

Just an update on my uncle (refer to my august post - much on plate).

He's been discharged. He went back to KL for the oath taking ceremony held at the Palace of Justice yesterday. My parents are still in th UK with Fifi and family, so we dont have malaysian papers in our hands in the mornings, so the closest is to get home news and pictures online.

We havent seen him or any photos of him since the accident, so this was the closest we could get. searched on the internet and found his photo here. he looks very thin but well. another photo was in today's utusan. too small though (he's 4th from right, backrow).

This is definitely not to brag or show off but just to share with those who knows me, knows my family and those who care. and somehow i have the strangest feeling that he would read this one day. And if you are, we want you to know that we're relieved to see you up again, happy that this has finally come true, proud that you did it and thrilled you could attend the ceremony!



Anonymous said...


Theta said...

Your uncle has done the whole clan proud!

Is he from your dad's side? I can vaguely see the resemblance. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new to you, just bumped into your spot just now.
Could you please advise how you managed to get the picture of your uncle and the others from the internet? I would like to print the picture for one of the guys that is in the photo. Please help!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tw: on behalf of my uncle, thank you! ;)

theta: with all the things he went through, we're glad for him. actually, he's my mum's younger brother. looks like my dad coz of the grey hair!!

anonymous: if you could kindly email me at