Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Bad Move Mama!

I feel very proud that Aidan can say the word "jatuh"* everytime something falls. the first 3-4 days i get all excited, i'd go "awwwww" and kiss him everytime he says "aaatoh". by then he knows that he would get a kiss and mama will be happy when he says the word.

But now..... my oh my. he will keep on throwing things from the table. not with force but with just a slight movement of his hand and finds it very entertaining that the stuff are off the table. his reaction towards them would be such amusement. perhaps he's proud putting the word and action together, therefore knows the meaning of "jatuh". but there's a slight problem. where? well, the problem is when mama has to pick up all the stuff on the floor and explain to him that he is not suppose to do it on purpose. and being a mama that dislikes messy-nes, and hearing everything all drop to the floor, that's an even bigger problem!

We make sure we explain to him that if you dont want to play with your toys, then we'll put them aside. and if he complains, we just have to say the word "dah jatuh, you threw them away", and if its out of his sight, "they're all gone now and if you still want to play with them, dont make them jatuh!!" so now if he throws everything down the table, we just leave it and explain to him why we wont be able to get it for him. i now hope he understands the consequence of "jatuh".
This was what happened yesterday. i told him he could use his hands for the last few bits of his food.. (practising makan like melayu!) And towards the end.. the bowl was on the floor...

("jatoh! err.. oh no.. mama's tone of voice is going to change.. what should i do?!")

("what? it wasnt my fault mama, it slipped!")

("but mamaaaaa.....")

("can you clean it up for me pleasseeeeee.....")

("sorry mama..")

Now, what do you say to that face ey?

So therefore introducing the word "jatuh" is not a good idea afterall. bad move mama!! bad move... (but it is good excercise for mama!). now, the struggle to teach him how to clean up his own mess begins.... (this is where my montessori experience kicks in!).

Wish me luck!

* jatuh means fall



Cat Cat said...

Hi Aidan's mama & papa,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
You, too, have a nice blog here. Your son Aidan, is soooooo cute. He is going to grow up a handsome boy.

Sab@Nina said...

Za...that's only the beginning!!! Wait until Aidan discovers it's fun pouring from 1 cup to another, or it's fun blowing bubbles with the straw, or ...whatever these kids think/learn these days.

Wow...Aidan's 1 on the 21st and Aemir's 2 on the 5th....WOW...it seems like yesterday kan..how time flies and i haven't even met your little prince!!!

tak balik ke?

Lollies said...

how can one be angry with a cute face like that? heh heh.

ahh kids like to explore and experiment eh? adding to the mess. Tell me your montessori experience in tidying up.

Ajzie said...

my ohhhhhh my... cute nya aidannn

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza, Musliha introduced me to your blog. I've been reading it a few months now, but today I found your old blog and read about your trip to Den Haag to apply for the M'sian passport. I recently did the same and I have some questions regarding the process. Could you please send me an e-mail to mym.boonen@boonen.name? That is if you don't mind. I don't have your e-mail add! Thanks in advance, Melvis Goh.

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. did he bat his eyes at you?

so innocent looking. :P

Btw.. I'm still on that 100Euro thingy! How can we get ripped off like this.. I paid 200Euros for Zara's set.. and 160Euros for Zaria's (ex. the cushion and front bar). Cis!

Zara's Mama said...

btw.. I'll link this blog from mine.

k.ct said...

hehehe...tak sampai ati nak 'stare' balik bila tgk muker budak aidan macam tuu...


yeahh..aidan! time to ragging ur mama...hehehe..(cian zaza!)...hey..bleh exercise la za!

lelakhalidah said...


I always read ur blog as i find this blog is interesting... i think since 2 months ago...especially with adan's cute face & montel tu gerammmmmmmmm sangat... not fogetting ur cook & craft's blog...only now i leave comment sebab this entry show muka adan yg cute sambil jatuhkan bowl tu mmg cute & bijak sangat!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

well, at least now he can say some words Zaza, Nora still baby talking but can spit out some clear words = )good luck with the rest of aidan's growing up adventures, Nora's giving me quite abit of an adrenaline rush on a daily basis here = )Hv a great week ahead....

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

catcat: how was annabel's first day at school? she looks so cute in her halloween costume!

sab@nina: time really flies! memang! soo fast dah almost 1 year since i was in labour! haha. and i really look forward to aidan dok main air, doing his pouring and running! it'll help me keep myself fit! how was aemir's birthday party?

lollies: actually montessori is all about having patience. reasoning out and explaining. kalau asik jatuh je, i'd have to keep them aside until he's ready to play with it without jahuh-ing them. susah nak ajar kemas balik! but the best part is when he himself jatuh, and he says the word! :)
(p.s: how are you feeling? any better after the sponging?)

ajzie: hari hari kita sedot pipi dia!

melvis: hi! thanks for reading my blog! yep, we went up to den haag to do aidan's passport when he was about 3 months old. i'll email you after this k?

zara&zaria's mama: we bought ours at aachen, germany, just 25 mins drive from here. germany got cheaper stuff. lesser tax. come here and i'll take you to all the baby stores!! let me know if you want me to do a pricecheck or anything k?

k.ct: memang tak sampai hati. tak boleh nak marah. lepas tegor dia je i'd kiss and hug him!! macam mana la nanti...

lelakhalidah: thank you for visiting my blog! and thanks for leaving a comment! budak budak nak masok 1tahon ni memang dah pandai eh! i'm amazed sometimes! nak marah tak sampai hati...

mush: oh yes, i'd definitely be needing lots of luck! aidan so far can say, mama, papa, nana, jatoh, baba... and this other funny funny sounds!