Sunday, 2 September 2007


Europe's summer holiday has traditionally been different to the rest of the world. A 2-4 weeks break is typically normal. Back home when I was working in KL, a week away from the office can be tricky, often approved with slight hesitation, let alone a couple more. So, you end up taking an extended public holidays, joining the other zillions and when you notice that the roads and hotels are crowded, you tend to stay at home or meeting friends and relatives. Holiday planning in the months to come is unheard for most, except if you're getting married!

So, when we moved here last year, I quickly adapted to the fact that July-August are the long summer break months. Everyone is almost gone for 3-4 weeks. And the Dutch, they tend to scatter all over, with France, Spain and Italy being the top destinations. For those without kids, Far East, Africa and South America are quite popular.

Hotel Reservations is global travel site offering a one-stop service for such a break. What do you need? Hotel? -yes. Flights? -yes. Car Rental? -yes. And they even arrange for any combination of those three. There's also packages, vacation rentals, cruise and destination guide. With global covering (though I didn't see neither Antartic nor Artic in their offering yet(!) ), you have thousands to choose from, in fact more than 70,000 properties. Price-wise? Up to 70% discount and their Special Internet Rates guarantee the lowest price available. On top of that, you can get up to $100 rebate via online coupons.

One thing I like about the site is the ability to do a quick check on most popular criteria. As I tend to optimise the value of my money, such feature is useful to compare facilities, prices, locations and if breakfast is included! (I know....most hotels in KL have a mile long of breakfast buffet included in the price....). In the coming years, we look forward to more family holidays with Fifi, Redza & Ferran and of course Opa & Oma!



Anonymous said...

Very informative post Hardy.. Zaza, please give the recipe for lavender cookies. Rosemary is edible too right. Can we make cookie too?


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Thanks. Of course rosemary boleh makan...but cookie? well, that'll be the first! haha...