Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Our Special Guests

Our good friends Noreen and Daniel were down from Den Haag and came to visit us last weekend and brought Aidan his first birthday present! (thank you guys!!) we've havent seen each other since their Akad Nikah, and ever since then, they got married at the castle (which we missed), and then another ceremony in KL.

Cooked dinner for all 5 of us. had a good one and good conversation after that. we saw their wedding montage, and their wedding photos and did some catching up. we had a good sunday evening guys.. thanks for dropping by!
(Picture of Aidan in his 'garden chair' waiting for her "kak" Noreen and Om Daniel's arrival)

And earlier today, Aidan played with girls! ;) two beautiful girls, Dahlia and Natasha. i invited the girls over (them and their mommys) after not being able to meet up with them since Aidan had the pox. finally we could actually sit down and compare notes whilst enjoying our tiny little tea party.

Had a good day! thanks for coming over guys.. will do it again soon yea?

(Picture of Aidan on his dining chair waiting for the girls to arrive)

Aidan's been smiling a lot lately, especially when he's looking at the camera. a possible model perhaps? if only i can get him to smile to more people other than Hardy and i, instead of some machine! but that's my boy!!!!



Aidan's Mommy said...

Halu Aidan's Mama, this is Aidan's Mommy... huhuh
Thank you for dropping by my blog..

Anyway happy birthday Aidan!Your Aidan is so chubby and cute..

Uncle Bob said...

Hi Holland!
Everyone sends their love and kisses to you all and Mak Ngah ada favour to ask you. Dia nak full name & date of birth Hardy, Reza and cucu2 (do I hear a train? hehee). Nanti email eh?

Geramnya tengok muka budak ni, sampaikan my "birthday e-cubit" kat pipi melayot dia k? Gedebab sampai tak nampak leher... macam mana I nak nuzzle bawah chin dia ah? That's my favourite spot... ada traces of drool, milk and what-have-you kat situ. I think kalau trick dia tengok something kat atas pon tak ada space for my big nose!! I'll have to think of a way. hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi zaza, thanks for your hospitality yesterday. I really enjoyed the wantan and the muffin. Sedap you! Cium si Aidan for me. Eeeh! Geram! Rozie

toughcookie said...

he looks sooooo cute and adorable la... mischievous also. aiyohhh... nak cubit2 je pipi dia tu...

ohmygod... i truly enjoy la reading your adventures. merata-rata pergi. places i've never been but want to. hmmm... camni i kena kerja forever la in order to be able to travel. ooohhh... thinking of it je buat i penat hehe.

i nak dok umah je la... if only i could take like 2-3 months cuti. kat mesia ni, no way la.

Anonymous said...

hey there Aidan's mommy..YES i was from SIGS? how in the world did you figure it out? ade cop kat kepala ke? wahahahaha. anyways add me to your yahoo under n_azlifah@yahoo.com. im REALLLYYYYYY curious...

Oma & Opa said...

Alaaaa comelnya cucu Oma & Opa niiiii! Tak sabar nak geletek dia! Nanti kita datang sana kita "gomos-gomos" kat dia eh. Waaah Dek, I'm sure you had a good time with your friends, its nice isnt it to meet up once in a while. Nampaknya Aidan dah pandai berkawan, tak dulik lah, boys ke girls ke. He's so sporting. Cium kat dia banyak2 eh.

Theta said...

I love that ergonomic wooden baby chair ever since I first laid eyes on it in the Netherlands!

I've to find it here but Sadia is currently having a short attention span to sit in her chair for more than 10 minutes! New territories to explore, she must say! :)

Glad you get to meet and touch base with familiar faces again!

Zara's Mama said...

what a nice day it looks like.

And Aidan has 2 high chairs! Wow..

Btw, did you answer me if you got the whole set of Tripp Trapp for Euro100? I still want to say I'm so envious!

Anonymous said...

Aidan, Kak Noreen here.... you are so lovely and tembam and strong now!! Seronok main ngan Aidan. :-)
And say thanks to Mama and Papa for the delicious meal and the superchocolate that they gave us. We're eating it slowly to savour each bite!!!! Hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Aidan is so comel !!!


M A Janssen said...

Geramnya belum puas lagi dukungnya Aidan. Mintak2 next time dia dah kenal Bik Mus dia jadi dia tak takut lagi. Kalau tidak terpaksa cubit aje pipi dia yang cute itu!!!!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Aidan's mommy: happy birthday to your aidan. had a good party?

cle bob: we hear "cuu cuu" (choo choo) everyday here. not so loud but still can hear la! we dont want to email email la, online la sekali sekala we can on webcam together gether! will give names, date of birth bila you online k? aidan now eats bread and spred in the morning! pipi dia lagi la menjadi. i suka sedot! and everytime hardy romos romos aidan dia romos bawah dagu cakap cle bob nanti nak romos kat situ bila jumpa!! but you havent seen ferran's!! online la cle bob!

Rozie: most welcome rozie, thanks for coming and sorry la sampai sesat and you had to walk!! see you and tasha soon!

My favourite cookie: cubit la.. you're most welcome to! pipi i pon you dah boleh cubit now tau!! haha. juan, your work gets you to travel what! tak sampai ke sini but still you get to be out of the office!

nurul azlifah: your face and your sister's face looked familiar. you're a year my senior and i really cant remember if your sister's 2 or 3 years younger. i've added you dah! talk soon!

oma&opa: less than 3 weeks and we're coming to see you guysssssssss!!! gomos la puas puas nanti! we miss you SOOOO much!

theta: the chair is called tripp trap. "trap" after stairs, kan macam tangga. it's from a brand called stoke. everything stoke's really good!! i give the chair 10 out of 10. the reason why we bought it coz it's really solid and aidan can sit with us and have his meals on the dining table. we were lucky, we got it quite cheap in germany! tu lah dia untung dok kat bawah nun jauh dari bandar seperti den haag dan delft! hehe.. dekat border, boleh gi germany ngan belgium in 5 mins!!

zara and zaria's mama: aidan's got 2 chairs coz the other one we bought in the UK last july during our one month holidays. it was such a struggle for me to feed him when he's on the loose. so now that we're back here, the ikea chair now becomes a garden chair for him to enjoy his raisins and ricewaffels with the birds! it was for 100euros! i wish i could send one to you!!

"Kak" Noreen dear: thank you sooo much for coming down and dropping by to see us. thank you sooo much for aidan's 1st birthday present!! we've been playing bowling almost everyday tau! next time datang awai sikit ngan dok lama ehhh! see you soon! this weekend insyaallah! love to you guys!!

the wharfer on vacantie: best tak makan sate? soto? rendang? nasi kandar? roti canai? nasi lemak kukus? yong tau foo? *sigh* hope you're having fun and enjoying yourself! are you back???

musliha: thanks for coming! betul ke nak dukun aidan lagi? larat ke? 12 kg tau!!!


Anonymous said...

is dat yoyo in the pics???


he looks sooo like u za...wow...


Anonymous said...

geram nyer pipi dia..surely kena cubit sayang pagi2. so montel! hehehe.. za, so hensem maa anak you nih. sure ramai jek girls kejar pas ni. - yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nadia: i wish it was!! yoyo's in jb now! been telling her to come here for cuti! macam yoyo sikit eh? aidan's got my tembamness kan? hehe.. his birthday's on the 21st!!

yaya: aku sedot pipi dia everyday. he is getting montel now lepas dah makan roti, dah makan kurma, dah makan macam macam lah! mana tak montel!


Anonymous said...

za, pipi aidan pisang montel pon kalah beb! hehheee..so chubby. geramnyer. sure sape2 yg datang umah ko n jumpe dia, mesti akan cubit2 geram pipi aidan. and skarang nih gambo2 dia seme tersengih2, cute, sweet and cair lah! kalu kat sini, bleh pegi candidcast, get extra bucks jadik baby model! ehhh bagus aidan makan anything, tak fussy. senang za. tak pening ko pikir menu ari2. as long as ada stock! hhehee. btw, bb chair aidan excellent aah. from the pix, looks like adjustable. ye ker? pesal lah mesia tak der yg cam tuh. lama sikit bleh pakai. btw, bila aidan nyer birthday party? - yaya