Friday, 24 August 2007

Het is Vridag!

It's Friday!!!

Dit is mijn boodschapenlijst. I do my mine every friday cause we do most of our groceries every saturday. i normally plan ahead what to cook over the weekend but no plans as yet for now. perhaps i should try something different. i have put up a poll on my other blog so that you guys can decide for me what i should be doing next week.

Most people ask me how do i find the time to cook and craft with a baby in my care. well we're very fortunate living here with no traffic. no overtime.. we're down south, far from the concrete jungle, far from the Hague and Amsterdam where it's much more busier. people come home from work early. Hardy reaches home at half 5 most of the days. he then takes over taking care of our son whilst i prepare us dinner. we have dinner at 7, sometimes as early as half 6. we then put Aidan to bed ad 8 or 8ish depending on his level or tiredness. sundays are normally my day! or half of it! that's when i try new time consuming dishes. i normally craft when Aidan takes his naps (which is not long). so i try to do as much as i can when he's asleep. time is so precious and most of you would agree how time flies by so fast when you have a kid!
I shall enjoy my weekend..

By the way, try figure out what i wrote on the list!

I should continue with it...

8. Gember

9. CousCous

it can go on and on and on...

Fijn weekend allemaal!


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hi zaza, we usually do or finalise our list every thursday morning, but before there, everytime we think of something to buy or something runs out, we jot it down quickly! dah tua senang lupa benda, jadi senang to write it down asap = ) B and I plan for the whole week of dishes and then we create the groceries from that list, senang no wastage lah... Een fijn weekend voor jullie ook! Kusjes voor Aidan xxx

dayatss said...

1. brOod cam bunyi bread.. eheh..
3.sweet potato
4.gapo ???
5.spring onion ??
6.sunflower oil ke seed ? eheh
9. Couscousss !! my fave !!

nak buat morocoon food ke ?? cous cous n tangine ???hmm.. sedappp

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Adam said...

We also did our weekend shopping last Saturday. It's amazing how much stuff we consume.