Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A Postie at PPP

Well, we are now almost a postie at (pending approval of this post), the leader in blog ads. We were toying with the idea to join up for quite some time and after looking up their website and seeking some consultation, advices and super encouragement from our SEO-expert-hardworking-friend Adam, we decided to embark on....getting paid by blogging! PPP as they are also known in short, is like a marketplace for companies to connect with bloggers who are willing to blog about a product - for a price. And of course, there are some guidelines and requirements to fulfill. I guess, the words of mouth is still as powerful in the marketing world.

Z was a bit concern if our blog will end up like an ad instead, stating how she wants it to be the same as it is now....well, at least she'll get some dough for doing something that she loves. As for me, I'll try to fill in when possible. Nevertheless, Z appointed me as the link-seeker and template-optimizer, a task that can be time consuming initially.

As Aidan will turn one next month, maybe we'll use the first hard-earned money to get a domain name for him, or, as Z always put it, a child birthday is supposed to be a celebration for the mother, maybe we'll get a domian name for her too.....



Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

H, you sure Z will get the dough? sure? betul? sure?


I am Ann said...

welcome on board. ^v^

Anonymous said...

Hey zaza, register your own paypal account ok. So the dough is entirely yours. And make sure you have your own netherland bank account too, so you can transfer the paypal money to YOUR netherland bank account. he he.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...



Adam said...

Welcome to PayPerPost and thanks for the link. I am working with a few other companies but PPP is the best by far.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ann: dah kaya lom?

ez: yang ni aku ikhlas tolong dia.. bila dia dah kaya nanti jangan dia tak ngaku aku love of his life sudah! hahaha.. nanti aku buat yak aku nye lak!

H: oi! apa oit orang. kaum perempuan harus mempertahankan hak mereka tau! haha..