Monday, 23 July 2007

Home Sweet Home

First things first, to those who have been checking out my blog for more stories of us, i'm terribly sorry. sorry for not being able to write much earlier as we were too busy enjoying our holiday and hardly have the time to actually sit down in front of the computer and start typing.

We've just arrived home, in Sittard, about an hour ago, after a long but pleasant drive from kakak's and redza's house in Warwick. it's one in the morning, aidan settled (for tonight at least), the car is now empty, yes, the damage was done, after 3 weeks of holidaying and shopping in the UK.

Alhamdulillah, our house is ok, front garden needs cleaning, fridge needs filling, clothes needs washing, bags need unpacking and we need some resting!

I will write more (there's simply too much to share), and that's a promise!

I'm gonna download more of our photos and hit the sack.. g'night!

(pictures of us in eurotunnel, earlier today, @6.20pm train from folkestone to calais)



Uncle Bob said...

Hi Adik,
Good to know you're all home safe n sound. Aidan nampak happy sangat!

What's it like for Kakak and all in Warwick? Flooding teruk kan? Hope they can cope easily esp with the new baby probably having his on special needs.

I'll check back here latr k? Love you all - U. Bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza and family

Welcome home! Just catch up on your rest and I hope to read more of your holiday in the UK and to look at pics. Take care!


I am Ann said...

welcome back

k.ct said...

welcome home 3 of u... sakan eh.penat gak checking blog u kot2 ada citer yg baru..hehe..
tak cukup2...bersihkan apa yg patut n look forward to know more story from u za!
take care..

toughcookie said...

haiya... i oso want to make damage la in UK. unfortunately, the closest to UK i can get here is Ulu Klang ehehehhh... itu pun bukannya leh shopping apa pun. hmmm...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Hi cle bob!! we're all good, aidan has got to get used to the time difference (an hour behind), now that we're back. an hour makes a whole lot of a difference mind you!
Parts of warwick's flooded. we were suppose to push off on friday, dah bye bye, nangis nangis semua, keluar simpang je, nampak kereta tengah beratur tak boleh jalan! patah balik, and changed our eurotunnel booking to sunday!! gebeee!! but it was nice to get to stay an extra 2 nights! baby ferran doing really well, and his mummy and daddy too. so cute la dia, asik hiccups and he smiles (and poos) a lot!
So, how many cucus do you have now in total cle bob?
Love you lots, and love to all!!


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Rozie: thank you dear!! your next outing with natasha, musliha and dahlia will be meeting us i hope!! (hopefully the weather will be nicer than this!)

ann: thank you!! i'm broke dah..

k.ct: timakasih... we're all fine, and yes, we all need lots of resting, as i'm begining to feel a little bit down, and me body's all aching. hope it will go away soon!

toughcookie juan: my dear, look at it this way, you can save money to come here or gi uk to shop! july's definitely the time to go to uk. but when you have a house like yours, dah tak payah shopping shopping baju lagi dah... enjoy your space, enjoy your pad and your work gets you to travel.. and a husband to come home to. how lovely!! ;)


Uncle Bob said...

Counting my cucus now require the use of my toes as well! heheh...

Glad to hear all is well in the Warwick n Sittard households and I'm eagerly waiting for more pix.

Mom n Dad still "working" as nursemaids etc? Btw, what's Kakak's address/street name? I'm keeping an eye on the flood situation there via the Warwrickshire website. Seems weather will be better in next few days.. I really hope so.

Mak Ngah n all kirim peluk cium to everyone. Back again later sayang. I love you.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cle bob, actually... now dad's being the in-house-patient. kakak, redza and mum are the so called nursemaids! hehe. ask them!

water's subside dah. it was really bad! and thank god the only day it was ok last week was sunday (the day we drove back home), lepas tu flood balik but kakak's house is slightly atas bukit, but nak keluar her housing area tu memang flood! dont worry, they've got clean water!! ;)

love to mak ngan etc. how's hannah? love you too!!!