Friday, 6 July 2007

It's A Boy!!

Everyone, meet my gorgeous baby nephew, Ferran Redza, born on wednesday, the 4th of July.

Both mother and son are doing brilliantly. fifi's still in the hospital but will be discharged soon.

Thank you all for the lovely thoughts and wishes, from the bottom of our hearts.

Will be updating more on them soon, together with photos!

Auntie Zaza


Anonymous said...

Hi Fi!
Glad to know ur all fine. He's a lovely boy but do u need another Redza in the house? hehe!

Redza, be sure to keep all ur tools out of the lad's reach u hear? Nampak cam ganas je Ferran tu... my love & kisses - U. Bob

M A Janssen said...

Congrats to all in the family. Best wishes from us here in Kampung Daniken & hope to see you (zaza) soon.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

u.bob: ferran looks EXACTLY like redza but he's got kakak's nose. guess what? redza's down with chicken pox!! and what timing! kakak is well, mak ayah are well, and so are we. love to all back home, lots of hugs and kisses from us.

musliha: thank you dear, havent had much time to read your blog and leave comments but will surely catch up with you, dada, rozie and natasha SOON!! cant wait. take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza

Congratulations for being an aunty to a very gorgeous baby boy and also here's our well wishes to the proud parents.


k,ct said...

alhamdullillah smua slamat!bertambahlah happiness dalam keluarga zaza.
k.ct tumpang happy kat sini..boleh?

Linad said...

congrats to your sister, selamat sudah...& to you za, akhirnya dpt nephew yg gorgeous gitu! & such a nice name, ferran redza...

Zuraida said...

Auntie Zaza, congratulations!! send my regards to Fifi, Redza & Ferran. Fifi deliver normal? Alhamdulillah semua sihat. Redza kena quarantine to see Ferran like me tak? Naperlah time macam ni boleh kena chicken pox. Take care!

yaya said...

Congratulations to all!! Wah ada partner aidan main tennis pas nih. And he looks so comel, more like the mother if i can still recall. The family's getting'll be real nice for upcoming Raya!

p/s: be real careful on chicken pox. My son got infected by his bigger sister at 10 months old, and it's a reallyyyyy awful thing a baby could have at that such time! Oh btw, use 'neem' based soap if you can find it in the drugstores. It helps the itch and make the pox lesser (or less bigger!).

Theta said...

Zaza and family,
Congrats on the latest addition to the clan.

Glad the mom and baby are doing well.

ajzie said...

Congratulations. Send my regards to Fifi..

Alhamdulilah semua selamat..

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza, Please send my congratulations to Fifi. I was her schoolmate. I was told by someone that she had a baby boy and settling in UK. I live in cambridgeshire. I thought it will be nice to catch up with her. Do you mind giving me her contact details. My contact : or my no 01733 242 990

Thanks so much
-Asliza Rastam-

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

rozie, k.ct, k.linad, k.zue, yaya, theta, k.azi: thank you so very much for the well wishes, kakak and redza read all your comments and would like to thank all of you for sharing their joy!!

k.asliza rastam: its nice of you leave a comment and glad to know someone actually remembers fifi from school!! hehe. i've passed your details to her and hopefully you guys will be in contact. we've spend the whole morning trying to figure out and trying to recall who you are, but i'm sure she will refresh her memories of schooldays in no time!