Wednesday, 25 July 2007


For the past couple of days since we got home, i've been feeling rather gloomy. i didnt say much of this to Hardy as i didnt want to drag him feeling the same way. but today, on our way back from doing our groceries, he said it too. then only i told him of how i actually feel.

Bad enough that the weather's not on our side whereas its suppose to be summer. we both then came to a conclusion that we miss kakak, redza, mum, dad, baby ferran and our holidays there together. somehow things are different now that the holidays are over, and now there's only the 3 of us here at home. my parents were here in Sittard with us close to a month prior going to the UK, and coming back home, i felt the emptiness. i was upstairs in mum and dad's room earlier today, and i actually cried. i miss the fun, i miss their kecoh-ness, i miss the sound of redza caughing while opening a can of coke (to prevent my sister of hearing it), i miss his silly-ness, i miss baby ferran's hiccups and crying, i miss dad's cooking, i miss mum's laughters, i miss looking and laughing at my sister using the breast pump, i miss having late night talks with her, i miss playing Wii, i miss going to sainsbury's, i miss it all.

Used to be just the 4 of us. kakak and i both then got married, then there were 6. and now, there's 8!! its amazing how God have given us all this, with all we've been through. we all turn out for the better. i thank God for all His blessings, and for giving us such joy and happiness.. together.

It's true what they say, you'll never know how much they mean until they're far from you.

Kakak and Redza, if you're reading this, we want you to know that you've been such a wonderful host to all of us. Dad and Mum, thank you so much for taking care of all of us while we were there. we love you and miss you all so very much. we had a blast, a wonderful time with you guys, thank you SO SO MUCH for EVERYTHING. it was priceless. take good care of each other and enjoy!!

With all our love
Z & H


Zuraida said...

zaza, k.zue baca kali ni rasa sedih plak. Anyway, hidup harus diteruskan. Take care ok!! Miss you so much. By the way, aidan dah brapa kg sekarang ni. Chubby-nya pipi dia. geram tengok. peluk cium for Aidan from Auntie Zue.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...
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Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

the first few days was someone dull for both households! thank god for skype where we can call them up every day! its amazingly cheap!!!! aidan is i think coming to 12 kg! and he's just 10 months old. will be weighing and measuring him next month and will let you know! lots of love!! xoxox


Theta said...

Dear Zaza,
I know how you feel. Must be a wonderful experience having close ones around. Almost indescribable, ain't it?
Take care....come the holiday seasons you're bound to meet them again insyaAllah...

Anonymous said...

zaza, i think your mom is a stunningly elegant and beautiful. Really...i just love the way she looks.