Monday, 23 April 2007

Here Comes The Sun

(and from the look of it, it'll stay!)

Its spring and everything's blooming marvelously, people are more cheerful, the air smells with wonderful scents from the flowers, the birds chirps livelier, the streets are filled with colourful people (by this i mean they wear colourful clothes - and the Dutch really wear bold colours, orange trousers with dark blue shirts for example! but they look good in them!)

Our house is very near to a big park with a lake and a little stream with plenty of ducks.... and now that it's spring, this:

Cherry blossoms! they however will not last long, they bloom only for a couple of weeks, and later the grounds will be pink.

And look what we have in our garaden, next to our driveway!! kijk!!!

I would love for it to be lily of the valley but i believe it's called forget-me-not?!

So in celebration of spring, i feel that the house should be filled with colours, especially our garden. but since it still needs a lot of work, i decided to have a tiny potted garden instead. a lazy affair, yes. wish me luck in growing them, hope i inherit mum and dad's green hands and the love for gardening. (p.s: please come here quick, our garden needs you!)

Lately, Aidan and I dance every morning to michael buble's everything and we find ourselves in a rather bouncy mood after that!

Anyway, we've been enjoying our sun, and our activities, outings in this beautiful weather. and hopefully you too, wherever you are!



Adam said...

Those tree blossoms look terrific. Can see that your garden is coming along nicely too.
Have planted a few things in our garden but too early to see the results.

ann said...

lucky you. we don't have a garden. just a balcony overlooking a green patch and a playground. been thinking of getting some plotted plants as well but malas....!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

adam: hows your garden? ours is far from yours i'm sure! post some pictures please! hope imaan's better.. (poor little imaan)

ann: there are some plants which are easy to grow. get the ones which doesnt need much sun and water, it'll make a difference tau to have greens and colours around you! get alesha to water them and care for them! or, get some artificial ones aja if malas! ;)