Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Aidan's Eerste Broccoli

Weaning is a term used when you're introducing your baby to solid food, or semi solid food.

Aidan had his 'rijstebloem' (powdered baby rice mixed with milk) and loved it.

Now, we're introducing him to new tastes, and new textures. we've been advised by the dietician to start off with groente (vegetables) first, and later introduce him to fruits. if we do it the other way round, he might not want to take the greens and would probably favour the sugary fruits, and might be a problem to us later.

There are 3 ways to puree food for your baby: mash, mouli and blend. what you do will depend on the food you want to give. i intend to give our son homemade food. it's obviously cheaper and i'll know exactly what i'm giving him. but of course, we cant help it to get some of them off the shelves when time does not permit.

Last weekend we introduced him to broccoli. blended broccoli.

Did he like it? have a look at these:

"aaaa... i'm having some green sloppy thing..."

"ermmmm.. tastes kindda weird..."

"euiiighh.. its definitely weird..."

"bluueekk.. what is this thing?!?!"


"oh no.. not again..."

Reminds me of myself, some 25 years back, eating that scott's white cod liver oil emultion every single day!



d a y a t s s said...

Euuwwgh.. scott's emulsion.. yucks! I supposed it's everyone's childhood nightmare.

but sure.. it was for our own good..

Aidan... good luck pet! ;)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

yat: you had them too? i can still remember how it tastes like! had to have my milo ready every morning to cleanse the after-taste. yucks!


d a y a t s s said...

Yes za. I had to take them everynight before bed time. Memang nightmare ! Nothing can cleanse the after-taste, 'terngiang-ngiang' sampai sekarang.. hihi

toughcookie said...

that is very true ok. tested and proven.

i started my l'il munchkin on veges and only introduced fruit juices after he was in his 9th or 10th month. i know i shouldn't start it really late but i was worried about the sugar content.

my friends all wondered how i manage to persuade my kid to love vegetables since young. i pun so impressed with him. imagine your kid asking for cucumber or spinach or celery before anything else. lekke lekke hehehe...

tapi u campoq la vege tu with some pounded ikan bilih goreng. at least ada some natural saltish taste sket...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

good la your little munchkin! i'd be impressed too! aidan's now 7 months and i've just recently started him with pear. i noticed he talks and shouts a lot after having them!


Anonymous said...


He is sooooo adorably comel!!!...thinks he looks alot like you though....

Hana's favorite is carrots and potatoes, she absolutely look like aidan when she had her apple and pear mashed <-- masam...

nadia is good for babies...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

nadia: apple and pear sounds so sedap! i should try that! the thing is aidan ada allergy, so we have to try one food at a time and see if there's a reaction. but once its ok, i'd definitely do what you did for hana! i can imagina hana squinting and with her sweet little lips pout! heheh...

oh, juan said the same thing, adding anchovies. is it? really? how do i do them?