Sunday, 8 April 2007

Amiens Cathedral

On our way to Etreta few weeks ago, John and I stopped at the city of Amiens for lunch, guided by my Tomtom and John's Rouge Book (for listed recommended restaurants). Unfortunately, the restaurant we wanted to go to, moved! (well, the guide was published in 2002....) We ended up in one of the establishment near Amiens Cathedral, one of the famous four in France. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre list since 1981. I've seen Notre Dame in Paris but this one is even more impressive with huge doors and more sculptures and statues. The most noticeable part about the cathedral is the different heights of the two front towers (my photography skill is not that good...I missed the top of the towers!), as one was completed 40 years later with no direct connection to the former design. We didn't go in as we had another 2 hours of driving towards Normandy.

Close to home, Malaysia has 2 site under WHC - Mulu & Kinabalu National Park. Netherlands has 7, including the Kinderdijk-Elshout mill network - the outstanding Dutch contribution to water handling technology.

More about the cathedral here. And more about UNESCO WHC here.



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