Friday, 6 April 2007

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd

Yup, my wife entered the-next-phase 30's, which mentally made me feel less older between us(haha..). I planned a treasure hunt in the morning around the house with relatively easy questions, owing to the fact that I scribbled all those clues within 20 mins the afternoon before. I made her work hard up and down the stairs (sorry love!). When she got to the last treasure, I realised that she missed some others. I got confused with the sequence, well, planting the clues at 11pm can be quite tricky to ensure the link is correct. I think Eju and Mus would sue me if they take part in my self-set up treasure hunt! (those two are experts!). Nevertheless, she got them all - including an ashtray (which would be useful to me, of course!)

Aidan also took part, handing some clues along the way, which I tried very hard to prevent those sticky notes from being crumpled or ending up with his saliva. I think we he did quite ok.

As previously quoted by my super wifey, a birthday should be also dedicated to the mother. And MOM, thank you so much for bringing up a wonderful daughter, full of love, care and empathy...and excellent self-taught cook too! My horizontal expansion is very worrying!

And of course, to my super-worried-at-times-but-that's-cute wife, it will be an honour for me to join you thru our 30's journey together. kiss kiss muah muah muah.... :)



Frankensteina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AIDAN'S MAMA! She's one lucky gal to have you and Aidan around when she reach that big 30 :) (for it can quite traumatic as I can recall my own 30 this year hahahah)

May Allah bless you and your beautiful family.

Mr Incognito said...

love holland. been there 3 times. the first time my host brought me cycling on the dykes. wonderful experience. will come back again to visit (your blog too!)

Adam said...

Happy Birthday Zaza from all of us here at Coventry. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Welcome to the 30s.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

frankensteina: hey, why was it traumatic?! shouldnt be my dear. we've got so much to look forward to! ;) for some, a wedding perhaps? ;) *wink*


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mr incognito : it is certainly nice here. Heaven for cycling here - lots of dedicated bicycle lanes, so safety is almost ensured. let us know on your next visit.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

mr incognito: mana la tau, tengah tengah kayuh basikal, kot kot lapar nak berenti makan nasi lemak ke, minum teh tarik ke, jemput la ke rumah kami! heheh..

adam: same age group as you guys! thanks guys!