Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Mijn Verjaardag

I am now 30, and what a journey it has been!

I am not a birthday person for i think it's simply just another day. i'm thankful to God for giving me good health, happiness yet another year. i feel that all the credits and wishes should go to the person who gave birth to us, the person responsible for bringing us out to this world. but dont get me wrong, i love receiving cards, presents and wishes!!!

This year, yet another surprise from my husband. i woke him up for work and he handed me a post-it note saying good morning, he cant say a word, just follow this instructions. oh, and he took the whole day off.

Got up, carried our son to the first clue (which was in our cloakroom on the ground floor), got something like a hawaian lais to put around my neck. found another clue and had to go upstairs, the attic. and the next one had to go to the toilet, by then, i was too tired to carry my now 9kg son up and down the stairs whilst bending down to get the clues. so i left him with his dad on our bed. the clues were EVERYWHERE! the fridge, our postbox outside, under aidan's changing table.. everywhere! there were at least 20 clues so just imagine i had to REALLY work for my presents (which was absolutely worth it!). this must be some sort of a hint to let me know that i'm overweight and i should go do some excercise!

Yes, he missed a few clues, but i wasnt bothered! coz i had so so much fun running up and down the stairs, wanting to get the next clue and see what my presents were. half way through it, i was crying! why? it was all just too much (no i wasnt tired, but the effort he had put into it!). i was touched.

Dit was mijn eerste verjaardag met mijn familie.

A family of my own.

To my dear husband, thank you for all the presents, thank you for going through such lengths, thank you for a wicked day (a wicked week in fact!), now i'm gonna look forward to every 4th of april!

Thank you to all who remembered, who have wished, msged, texted.

I have a roof over my head, a loving husband, a beautiful son, amazing parents, wonderful sister and brother in law, good family members (ok, some, some not so good but they're still family and nothing much i can do about it), meaningful friends - ALL in good health. i'm enjoying life, appreciating and treassuring every moment of it.

What more could i possibly ask for?

Syukur alhamdulillah.

Thank you mum, for giving birth to me 30 years ago, and thank you dad, for being there with mum throughout the whole time. thank you both, for your upbringing, your love, support and teaching me the lessons of life.



Ez said...

Really happy for you. Your happiness means greatly to me. You are Hardy's Queen, and you are my friend.. We love you soooo much!!!

ann said...

oh wow how exciting... my hubby oughta learn a thing a two from yours on how to keep a woman happy.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ez: thank you dear, we love you too!!!

ann: i'm sure your husband have his own special way! what one lacks, the other might have more! ;)


Noreen and Daniel said...

Muah muah, happy birthday again. We're coming down south in the next two weeks, and hope to see you then so we can give you your birthday kisses (three big smackers) in person!!

Noreen and Daniel

Frankensteina said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Zaza! :D I guess turning 30 isn't so bad aye? heheheh I meself turned 30 last January. I swore I was going to be all Drama Queen and all being 30 but I have to say, I never feel better!

To you and your wonderful (and gorgeous baby) family.

auntie d a y a t S s said...

pSst aidan...

is that a packet of 'kuih bahulu' under your feet there ? *nyum nyum*