Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Going Places!

We have been going places indeed! we just love to travel! i'm ever so grateful for this opportunity, to get to see places and meet people, and open up our eyes to other cultures. there's a malay saying-"jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan" which is SO true (only if you have an open mind on things and able to accept and/or adapt!).

I pick up a lot of things when i travel. most of them touches me, some very deeply.

Recently we went back to our home country Malaysia after 4 years of being here in holland. there was never a dull moment on our malaysian trip!

Sometimes when you keep snapping photos intending to blog, you tend to get carried away and not enjoy the moment. as much as i love hearing each and every click on my camera, freezing those moments, and as much as i love writing, i always take the time to sit down and just let the moment sink in me for a bit. i shall share only the ones with stories and that has left me with great impact.

A lot of things happened when we're back. i think i've got a few to share... i've decided to go on with the blog after a very long silence. i'm going to write on how i see things, and not what others might want to read. i write not to please, nor am i here to boast. i think i'm quite done with what other people say and think! my niat is clear.

We're now back in Holland! it's SO GOOD to be home! i'm still doing some unpacking, downloading a few hundred more photo (i can honestly cry looking at every single one of them!) we're now back into our routine and enjoying some well deserved 'calmness' (if you know what i mean!)

Do take a peep once in a while! :) We'll write on our trips... my take on it.


effa mahat said...

so missing you zaza.
miss to read ur writing..

chick-a-nana said...

awww....aidan yg sgt cumel!!!!!can't get enuf of him la kak za...lg kalau die ckp satu sentence rojak 3 language...and i'll be like..."huh???" pas2 toleh kat a.hardy 4 translation!!!sgt cumels!!!!!miss u guys!!!

The Little Trotter said...

welkom terug..
u go gal, write what u want to write.. k nina waiting to read.. miss m'sia too...

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza! I have really missed your writings and so happy to have found this post. Please do write and do not let what others think affect what you write. I can feel that you write straight from your heart. There is always a meaning every time you write. I look forward to your stories and photos of your holiday in Malaysia. Enjoy the calmness first and I will look forward to your coming posts and pictures.

Mariam said...

HI zaza..

Best nya u balik msia jumpe sadara hihi..i dgr hafiy enjoy main ngan aidan masa kat min's wedding..bestnya wish i pon kat sana jugak boleh jumpa aidan..

take care..


anzed said...

hallo! bet u had a good trip back to m'sia. managed to savour all the goodies? take care!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm a silent reader of your blog which I closely followed over the years. I thought you will never blog again. I love that look of Aidan, he's such an angel and the most handsome little boy. He's a big boy now.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

effa: awww.. that's sooo sweet! what a nice feeling! to be missed!! :) to be honest, i miss writing here as well!

tante cheknya: nanti kita kasi awak gambar awak ngan aidan k?! banyaakkk!!! wish we could spend more time together! sorry noh tak sempat buat apa apa pon ngan korang! makan pon tak sempat!! next time k? miss all the kecohness!!! love to all! xoxo

mama j: dank u well!!! kita nak beli bag coach awak satuuuuu!!! ;) love to the 3 of you!

anonymous: thank you very much. it's really nice to know that someone actually reads what i write! thanks for dropping. you've left me with a warm fuzzy feeling! thank you!

amy: hari tu kan, kitorang dok sebelah hafiy! your son's such a darling! he behaved himself throughout the whole entire dinner. kelakar pulak tu! very witty!!! aidan asik dok ajok hafiy! kelako noh!!! wish you and the kids were there too! all my love to all of you in bangkok!

anzed: yes we had a good time in m'sia. it was aidan's first time and it was simply special! tak cukup makan la tapi! goreng pisang ngan abc tak sempat! tapi kuih bakar jagong yang dah lama terigin dapat makan! yeay! love to the 3 of you! xoxox

anonymous: thank you! it's certainly nice to be back! though i miss the fun that we had back in malaysia but nothing beats the feeling of coming back to your own home, your own bed, your own kitchen and your own bathroom!!! hehe ;)

anonymous: hi! hi! i get this really warm felling when i get new msgs from you silent readers. it'll often leave me a huge smile on my face knowing someone's following aidan's (and our) stories! thank you for always hopping by and taking the time to read. yes, aidan's bigger now! he's turning 3 in september. quite a large size for his age too! best wishes, always!

K. Maz said...

So glad to hear that you will be writing from the heart. Everyone sees the world differently and we all can learn from each other. Take what you like, leave what you don't. What can be more beautiful than having choices? You have a huge beautiful heart and we all are so lucky to know you!!

Now get cracking on your M'sian trip adventures. We can't wait anymore. Laundry and ironing can wait. We can't!!! LOL!

Laracroft74 said...

alhamdulillah've arrived home safely and I'm so happy to see your updated blog after a very very long silence..rindunya...
cant wait to hear the story on your recent trip ..

k.ct said...

zaza is back on aidan stories..huhu..
hey beautiful mama with a beautiful heart..i really miss ur writing..write soon ya!
-luv k.ct

Lianne said...

Hi :-) I´ve just found your blog from some links and felt really warm reading it. I must add that you´re very creative and Holland seem to be the right place to infuse all the creativeness! Nice blog, will drop by again. BTW, I am Malaysian married to German, hence living here.

zuraida said...

dalam beratus2 photo tu, boleh photo kita berdia tak ada langsung!!! bila k.zue balik ofis baru ingat, kita langsung tak ambil gambar berdua & langsung tak ambil gambar aidan!!! ish.. mcm manalah boleh lupa. excited sgt bila dpt jumpa sampai boleh terlupa. ;(

emly2175 said...

balik M'sia? didn't know that u were back balik kg.. But I remember that your mom did mention about she coming back here middle of the year.. tak sangka u pun ikut sekali.. So pls pls, update some pics & story tooo...miss your writing..

Anonymous said...

Hi za, glad to hear you're back safely. Didn't know you were back so fast, never a chance to meet:( So keep on posting your heartwarming stories.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

k.maz: i like what you wrote - take what you like, leave what you dont. but provided you know what's right and wrong kan?
you know what, my laundry room is FULL of wrinkled shirts and trousers that really NEEDS to be ironed!!!!!!! help!

lots of love and chat soon k! xoxo

laracroft: my dear, thank you! i've missed on your writings for quite sometime dah! how are the girls? i will pop by soon k! love to the 3 of you!

k.ct: awww.. that's so sweet! ada jugak orang rindu!! it's really nice to know! thank you thank you!!

lianne: hi there! thanks for dropping by and leaving me with a note! thank you for the compliment, it made me smile from ear to ear! how's life in germany? droped by at your blog and i must say that you have good tastes in furnitures and such! will hop by again soon! best wishes always!

k.zue: betullllllllllllllllllll!!!! kita tak amik gambar hari tu!! apasalllll lahhh!!! but i had such a wonderful lunch with you girls. really. i really wished it could have been longer. peluk pon tak puas! we will do it again soon k, insyaallah.

emly: ye!! balik kampung!! best!! lama.. nak dekat 5 minggu! mum went back earlier. how are you? how have you been? hope all is well! sending you all my love and best wishes, always!

anonymous: hi!! i'm assuming you're yaya! if you are, then this msg is for you: i was hoping to see you and the kids. but i just couldnt find the time! niat ada, i guess we'll have to do it next time. or maybe when you guys come for a visit?!

Wiz said...

Z, YOu went back? Alaaaaaaa, tak ckp pown. I would have gone to see you and have that Mee bandung you often talked about.

Anonymous said...

kuweng3x..i forgot to sign off..yep' it's yours truly. ya la, cepat sgt200x balik. baru dah berangan what's the first thing i'll do when i saw you. oh well looks like it'll be another time. insya allah. yaya

pssst; ehh your cousin kawen with the tv producer/editor zan azlee ke? wow interesting. i met zan a few times for work. nice guy.