Sunday, 2 November 2008

Its Been a While ey?



I have been spending lots of quality time with Aidan lately. he is now in a different stage and to be honest, i have never felt so comfortable and confident being a mum, like how i'm currently feeling. he's much more independent yes. sometimes i do struggle. but most importantly, i enjoy every second of it. he's more of a companion for me now, we talk, we joke, we strike conversations, we cook, we fold (clothes), we clean (mostly his mess)...

I am however very strict with routines and my do's and my dont's. and the best bit these days, he can be asked to do things, he listens and understands, and he knows his please and thank yous! (i'd better stop bragging!)

I am seriously setting some ground rules and pilling those concrete foundation. hopefully he'll have good solid roots, so that i'd feel much safer and have tonnes of confidence before i let him 'fly'.

It is just pure joy, beyond words just by looking at him and watch him play on his own and doing his own thing. he is now at a stage of imagining, in his own world. both Hardy and i are often amazed with the things that he can do, and our faces would beam with proudness. 

Lin (my new friend from Paris) once asked me, how does it feel to be a mother? i answered her in one word - Proud. 

I think i'm made for this. i'm made to mother. i'm defintely not made to study (unlike my brainy sister), i'm definately not made to work behind a desk in an office (the only desk i'm made for is my craft desk!).. i am made to mother, and i mother almost everyone!

Anyway, it is now autumn, it's getting cooler and almost all the leaves are gone. i wanted to snap some good shots of autumn but so far, i managed to get only one. this one's my favorite. taken just outside our home, on our driveway. autumn's beautiful, but sadly, the night will become longer thus, we would have lesser sunlight during the day. but every season has its own charm. 

I'm off to finish unpacking. our surprise UK trip for my sister was a success! we had a brilliant time, although i wish we could stay longer and spend more time with all and visit some of our closest friends and relatives.. hopefully next time.. 

I dont know about you, but i have a theme song for every season! and this year's autumn, i am currently in love with 'No Air'. a nice song to listen to on the background when you're on your sofa, both feet up, with a hot drink in your hand and watch those leaves fall!

Enjoy both versions! i'm off to mother Hardy now that Aidan's asleep! he.. he.. have a great week ahead everyone! 


Adam said...

Aidan's grown so much. So sorry we couldn't meet you when you dropped by the UK. Hopefully we will be more relaxed next time without any research deadlines etc.

Anonymous said...

hi there za. it's fall again..cepat nya masa berlalu. i'm glad to hear that all is well over at yours. and how you were enjoying the quality time with aidan. i know how u feel. kids are amazingly brilliant kan, they catch up on you so fast. they just understands. i think sometimes they have more understanding than adults do :) and aidan's so lucky to have you as a mom. besides learning all the houskeeping rules he gets to craft! that's a cool bonding activity. happy autumn! yaya

zuraida said...

zaza.. you are so lucky. i wish i can be a housewife to take care of hamizan. jadi boleh beritahu dia - rules do & don't.
Bila auntie shidah beritahu, aidan dengar cakap, tau apa boleh & tak boleh, k.zue rasa..wah.. i am not a good mother. hamizan always refuse to follow my instruction. but i don't blame him. dia besar kat sekolah. kul 8.30am hantar, kul 7pm baru mak dia ambil. lama sangat kat taska(nak antar taska mahal - mak dia tak mampu!).

Sekarang makin nakal. Yg bagusnya, dia buat apa pun, dlm masa 5-10 minit, dia mesti cari mak dia. Now he knows, ABC, 123, zikir & latest doa makan! I'm proud to be his mak. hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaza
At last, you update your blog with latest photo of Aidan. I thought that you have no interest to update your blog anymore. Miss your writings/stories. where's your Czeh story?

Anonymous said...

oh! and i just love your neighbourhood.

The Vainpot said...

correction ye, aidan is not only good, but VERRRYYYYYY verrryyyy good with his 'puhleeeeeessssse' and thank yous! haha


miss you guys lah! xoxo

Wiz said...

Mother me mother me mother me anytime. I have been mothering sibblings and students and my own kids that sometimes I need to be mothered once in a while.

So here is an invitation to mother me at any time of any day of any season and of any year alright.

M said...

You said it're made to mother! So our plan for the end of next year is good to go ek?? I need time to recover and you, time to get used to the idea.

Aiesha & Sophia's Mummy

Laracroft74 said...

Last year, aidan was just a small baby and today he has grown up as a little boy...time flies...dont worry zaza... he'll definitely going to be a good boy since he already has a very strong root from the parents...