Tuesday, 8 April 2008

My Day & Many Many Thanks to You All

I've just had a wonderful birthday weekend. Hardy came back from Riyadh with bags and bags of dates, just in time for my birthday. he took the day off just so we can spend more hours together. i woke up that morning with a big hortensia plant on our dining table. one of my favourite flowers. i was hoping there'd be a treassure hunt again like last year's but this year's was as equally good and exciting, full of unexpected presents!

Phone was busier than normal days. and the doorbell was busy than normal days too! thanks a bunch for all the phonecalls, text msgs, deliveries, presents and flowers (you know who you are!). but apart from that, i had a not-s0-busy, actually quite a relaxing weekend.

I told Hardy that, it's just a normal day and lets not make a big fuss over it. to which he replied - you're my boss this weekend! he did almost everything around the house that day and that weekend, without me asking him to. such a sweetheart. but anyway, the morning was spent just the two of us. Aidan went to school for 4 hours and his mama and papa had a good stroll holding hands just like the old days before they began pushing a stroller. fetched aidan at school and had the whole school wish me a good day. we then had our lunch and brought Aidan to an indoor playhouse. we went shopping for lights for our living and dining room and then off to sittard square for my birthday dinner.

I'd take it as he had fun at the restaurant despite the lack of sleep/nap he had that afternoon.

Thank you guys, thanks so so much for the birthday wishes. you're all just too kind. i'm overwhelmed. there's a card just for you guys here!

Here's to good health, good hearts, good life and good friendships! thanks once again!

(p.s: papa bear and mini bear, i had loads of fun. thank you both so very much! i love you boys with all my heart and soul, more each day)

Mama Bear a.k.a Zaza


Akmal said...

Kak Zaza,
Wah, you had a nice birthday yes? Hehehe. I can see you're still smiling :D
Have a nice day.

emly2175 said...

happy belated birthday Zaza!

IbuHaziq said...

happy belated birthday ;)

k.ct said...

hahaha...papa bear..mini bear..mama bear..cool!

da kena arr tuuu..hehehe..
anyway..u guys mmg cute family pun...

comey_lote said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
Happy that yau had a wonderful one!

Rita Ho said...

Dear Z ... I am a firm believer that we reap what we sow and the nest that we rest on is the one we ourselves build. I am very glad that at a young 31, you are already enjoying the fruit of your efforts and that your home is a comfy one filled with love & joy. Sending you warm (yes - finally sunshine in Seattle!) belated wishes and may your happiness continue year after year. Love ya!

Ms eNVy said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday moments :) Happy to know tht you had a great time celebrating your birthday .

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

akmal: i had a good birthday this year. thank you... it was actually a birthday weekend! so, yes, i was still smiling til monday, when i frowned a bit coz hardy had to leave for gothernburg and vienna. now he's back, i'm back smiling!! :)

emly & ibu haziq: thank you so much!

k.ct: yes, we are one bear-y family! haha

comey: thank you, i've had a good birthday this year! thanks so much for the birthday wish! hope all is well at your end! enjoy the weather!

rita: everytime you write comments, i'll surely smile. and for this particular one, i almost cried. there's just something about you, and how you write that makes me feel so so warm and fuzzy. i totatly agree with dad, you write really really good. enjoy the sun, enjoy the weekend and i sincerely hope we'll meet one day. thanks for the birthday wish rita. we love you more!

ms envy: thank you dear. is it still snowing or the sun is out shining over there? you guys have a good weekend k? lots of love!