Monday, 10 December 2007

A Different Phase, A scarry Place!

I've noticed different behavior patters of Aidan. when he wants things, when he's distresss, when he's angry and hungry, when he's happy, moody.. theres a reaction and with it comes a certain look on his face.

He sometimes gets upset when he doesnt get what he wants, he'll make his "ah" sounds indicating what he wants, while holding out his right hand. i repeatedly said to him, if you want something, "ah" is not the word. say "please". i know its way too soon for him to actually say the actual word but something of that sort would be fine too (in other words, apart from "ah").

(this was his face showing off his teeth, not when he's upset, didnt have the camera with me when he's upset)

After giving him the plastic bottle he wanted, he then left me for his space, fiddling with it, trying to put the cover back on. i then sat on the sofa, while resting my back and observed.

"My god, this is it".... i thought to myself. the period of taking care is over, it is now how we bring him up. it is now all about upbringing.

Dont get me wrong, taking care is not over completely. it will never be over eventhough after they are married and moved out of the country (for some). you'd still have to take care of them, in many many other ways. you still do take care of them now but now i suppose, lesser. they no longer just milk, burp and poo. they have those tiny little feet that walks around the house and climb the stairs, they have that tiny little hands that picks up even the itsy-est bit of dust, they would react and respond. no more just feeding them, cleaning them and burping them. now it includes chasing, explaining and reasoning.

Little that i know that we have entered "the next phase". one scarry place!! we would want him to have certain values, manners at the same time, be himself. the daunting bit now starts and i am adjusting my tone of voice, my manners, my actions, EVERYTHING!

And i have also noticed the need to incoporate routine - after meals, take the plate to the sink, wash your hands, wash your month, wipe your hands, wipe your mouth. and before going to bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, not to mention the use of words such as dank u well (thank you), together with alstublief (please).

We decided not to use the word "no" that often to him but use other phrases instead. "no" is much much easier to say, one syllable! but it will create a lot of "whys" later on. so, in order to prevent having to explain a lot of "whys" later, we'd better cut down on our "nos". have to be rajin a bit lah! i'm getting there..

Come to think of it, it's scarry. it is now how we bring him up. Bringing Up Aidan. Bringing up our son Aidan.


Akmal said...

Kak Zaza,
Aidan seems so energetic(",). Reminds me of my nephew and nieces. They have too much energy, I think. Hahahaha.
Good day(",).

d a y a t S s said...

when the time comes.. i will consult u Za.. :)

Rita Ho said...

Z ... The fact that you know it is a different phase and have a plan means you will do well in bringing up Aidan. :) Plus, he is SO cute I think it will be difficult saying "no" to anything he wants. So, one huddle down. Haha!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

they grow up superfast kids these days! before u know it Z, u be going, where is my baby??? B loves the age Nora is in now, though i love watch her learn and grow up - i miss holding her in my arms, all small and cute and quiet! Now she wiggles and dont like to be cuddle too much = ( Good luck Z! But am sure u and H will do just fine....

Wiz said...

Another phase, another place you grace,
Soon Aidan is more than the cute little face,
He begins to walk, and later talk,
it's like a race against the clock.

He'll shoot up fast, before your very eyes,
he observes, he learns and also tries,
to emulate his surroundings with much guidance,
from you and Hardy whose significant presence,
have taught him the obvious right from the blurry wrong,
knowing all that he'd grow up to be extra strong,
strong in his faith, strong in his values,
Walking brave with pride in his home grown "shoes"!

So don't worry Zaza, you'll do just fine,
With Hardy and your embrace, Aidan will soon shine!


Frankensteina said...

He is sooooo cute geram sangat tengok.

I guess that's why I will always be my mommy's gurl :) I guess parents can never let go of their children

weween said...

k ths is gonna be a long one! but hyeee!! i juz stumbled upon ur blog, read past posts and all that when it lead me to ur friendster blog with a pix of ur hse in it. and MY GOD! im frm JB and that was soooo totally like my "dream hse" and now i finally knw who lives there. see my fav colour is yellow, thus the attraction.whenever my family and i have chappati at that corner shop, id drive them around ur hse and tell them that "This is TOTALLY my dream hse" =) anywyz, im 27 now, i juz got married and we juz purchased our maiden hse and im toying with the idea to paint it - u guess it! - yellow. whut a smallsmall world to have came across the family who inspired it here! anywayz, u have a really nice blog =D i luv amsterdam when i was there 2 yrs ago, ur sooo lucky to be able to actually stay in the land of gorgeous tulips. All The Bestt! and say hyee to ur family and the gorgeous home in Jln Emas =)

toughcookie said...

hmmm... when it comes to boys, big or small, no matter how many times you teach them to wash their hands before every meal, you'd still have to give them a good spank when they're in their late 20's. heh.

boys will be boys.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

akmal: he is quite strong for his age. i suppose its good for kids to be energetic, but when they turn the house upside down, well, then it'll be a different story haha!

dayat: what do you mean consult me? hahahha!! bila yat? bila!?!! :P

rita: you're absolutely right dear, its so difficult to actually say no to him. but somebody's gotta do it! the fact that i'm with him most of the time sometimes makes him closer hardy. hardy comes home from work and he'll tell hardy the whole story!

mush: they do indeed!!!!! you know what mush, i do miss him when he's 6-10 months.. that was probably the best time for me and him to bond. i'm loving it now too, he's begining to respond well. how do you guys handle the "whys" from nora? does she ask you guys lots of whys?

wiz: wiz!!!! that was soooooooo sweet!!!!!! i'm gonna print this out! i almost cried! you've touched us, really! you know what? i make cards, you be the writer of the contents, and my other friend rita will do the business plan!! :))

frankie: we can never really let go of our children. even if we do, that will be one of the toughest things any parent would have to do! and it all boils down to love! :)

weween: hey weween!!! isnt this internet cool! it connects people! thank you for all your compliments weween dear. that was once our house. my parents dream house. took them quite a long time to actually build it, let alone furnish it. you should have just dropped by after having chapati at vima curry (or is it something else now), we would have invited you in. sometimes mum and dad do open their doors to nice strangers!

they went through quite a bit with that house. as soon as it was done and about time to paint it, everyone started to "gossip" and "talk" about the colour they chose. one can never run away from such things!!

Congratulations to you and your husband! the newlyweds! 27 and a proud owner of a home! painting a house yellow takes a lot of guts! heheh. i know i wouldnt! but somehow it turned out ok for our old house, since the roof was gray and the cornice was white. i'm sure your house will look really nice, just do it with lots of love! like mak and ayah did! let us know of the colour nanti ya?

we sold off the house and we dont know how it looks like now. but the buyer seems to be a nice family. we're happy to let it go to such nice people. the only thing left are just pictures of the house, and the memories that we had there. jalan emas is very close to our hearts.

we've pretty much settled down here. i have a house of my own now (after much struggle), and will try to make it as homely as possible! wish me luck!!

it is really a small world weween. sometimes really scarry, come to think of it! hope we'll keep in touch. and i'm so envious of you, you get to eat chapati, puri, fish head curry at the corner shop!!! hehe.

lots of love,

toughcookie a.k.a mama to be (again): hahahah!! i'll tell acat you said that!! but i bet acat doesnt mind the spanking! :P you take really good care of yourself you hear me! no more working late. gosh, i bet you acat will spoil you and pamper you like mad!! all the love to you two lovebirds!


Aidan's Papa said...

toughcookie: there will even be boys in men! in fact, we have to be boys at least 10 mins a day... just to be silly, haha. And within this 10 mins, we have the license to tease or annoy the hell out of our spouse, just like little boys do (the nakal ones). It's kind of recharging system for men so that we come out even more man-ly. And trust me, the physcologist will agree...


d a y a t S s said...

summer 2008 insyAllah.. make D'oa for me ok :)

Swahili said...

Aidan Mama : he sayin "ah" only coz he cant talk. there more frustration ahead. I remember harris sputtering and getting annoyed, trying to say the words which is already in his will see it too...I miss my little baby, now he act so 13 (3)..he told me once
"Im not a baby.If you want a baby, go to the hospital or hold hands with baba".

...i rest my case