Saturday, 20 October 2007

The UK-factor

I have to admit that we are quite fond of the UK, I guess because both of us attended schools and studied at the uni's there - so much so that we were used to the getting around and about. Getting used to the things here in the NL took some effort, mainly the language, the culture and how things work. Nonetheless, we grew to like NL too. Since last year, with main destination West Midlands, and in particular Warwick (Fifi, Reza and Che' Ferran...we miss you!), we flew and drove a couple of times each. I think driving is by far the most convenient - no weight limit and stop as much as you want. It's just that we realized that we need more space, not that we're having more kids but for more stuffs and things we tend to buy!

I still have Scotland as my yet-to-check destination - wondering how the old school of mine looks like - probably not much.... Came across UK Hotel Reservations and Bookings which specialize in last minute booking, even on the day of departure. Being me, this is great news as I tend to decide on Saturdays - 'where do we go today? Don't know....ok let's go see kakak'....only then Z put my feet back on the ground when she mention the journey Aidan has to endure....1400km in 2 days....I got her point....

The site is managed by Hotelshop - co-founded by Vivienne Hudson and Julie Shorrock, two highly successful businesswomen. It offers plenty of 2-5 star hotels from privately owned to large groups of hotel chains, with lots of weekly and special offers to choose from. You can even buy gift vouchers (could be useful for wedding present!) and tailor-made your holidays/breaks according to your liking (I would love to try the Alton Towers was more than 10 years ago I last went on the Nemesis ride).


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