Monday, 22 October 2007

Aidan & Ferran

We had a memorable Eid. Fifi, Redza and baby Ferran drove all the way from the UK, to be with us. it was really wonderful. we had a lovely week, where we spent quality time together, as a family.

We toured Holland and Limburg, in two cars with walky-talkys in each. it was like being in one of those police movies, minus the sirens and chases. thank god for those walkies! we would not have that much fun without them.

It was a long time ago that all are together under one roof on Raya. seldom i should say. and by far, this was our best raya ever. all together. forget baju raya, forget raya shoes, forget new hairstyle for raya, forget raya hampers, forget jars and jars of raya biscuits... this was the time to be together, and be thankful that we are still together with our new additions.

There were loads of laughter, loads of laksa and rooms full of love.

This was one of Aidan & Ferran's moments:

Aidan: "Che' Ferran, this phone's really cool..."
Ferran: "huh? what phone? which phone? i cant see, i cant move.. "

Ferran: " hey, why are they all looking at us and making funny noises Che' Aidan?"
Aidan: "eh, ye la...this must be a trick Ferran, the phone's just a decoy rupanya!"

Aidan: "lemme have a go at it first.."
Ferran: "yeah sure... dont worry about me.. i still cant see the phone.."

Aidan: "ok, thats it, they're laughing louder now.. i'm outta here.."
Ferran: "help me la..."

Aidan: "sorry mate, you're on your own..."

Ferran: "fine... you guys wait till i can crawl and walk!"

Ferran was then left alone on the sofa..

Ferran: "i'll get you guys for this one day!"

(1 min later, Aidan joined him)

Aidan: "ni la telefon Ferran, nanti Ferran besar boleh amik mummy Ferran punya k.. they're very useful when teething"

Ferran: "finally! at long last i can see it!!"


Cat Cat said...

Ferran is so cute.. Can I take him home? Pleaaazzeeee.

Anonymous said... funny lah ur script! ye lah, handphone is the single item yg babies paling suka ..for a long time pulak tu. u must have a really, really great raya! and the little boys also having great time. "There were loads of laughter, loads of laksa and rooms full of love" - they echo throughout your pages!! :) -yaya

dayatss said...

mengekek-ngekek aku ketawa okkkkeh.. =D

MasyAllah.. they are all so cute!!! Ferran siap menten je posisi tu hingga ke saat akhirr.. kalau baby lain dah give up terus melalak la kan.. eheh...

comel comellll.. ishh.. dah la dua2 "no neck" .. sesuweii dgn baju kurung johor iteww...

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin Zaaa & family...

tunjuk laa lagi gambo2 suasana raye kat sanaa....

Theta said...

Hehe...very cute commentary of the tots!

Such a happy and merry clan you have there. Your Raya must be quite memorable.

Walkies-talkies? I concur they are a lot of fun to use during travelling! :)

Rita Ho said...

Haha! That is one funny script, Zaza. You are full of surprises, creative with food & crafts, and now - can write great dialogue! Baby Ferran is SO cute all bundled up in forced pose.

Hazlinda said...

Salam.... comelnya budak budak ni...... pipi gebu betul :-)

mommy@lif said...

hahahahaha funny lah the script! hehehe love to see the kids in baju melayu (& kurung). btw ferran sangat comel and your son is very handsome. ferran boleh join aunty lah.. sama green kaler :p

selamat hari raya!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, so kelakar la your script! arent they the cutest in their baju melayu. aidan's facial expression is just so cute + befitting the script. cannot stop laughing!


k.ct said...

dua-dua si comel ni..pipi melayut2!!
geget besh niii...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cat cat: you think your girls can handle him tak cat? ;)

yaya: it was indeed a good raya for us. and mana taknya, 2 laksa tau!! laksa penang ngan laksa johor!!

yat: mana la ada suasana raya kat sini. kat utara memang lah celebrate ngan all the malays at the embassy, but we decided to have be with ourselves je, lepas dah berbaju melayu, semua keluar gi shopping, makan ice cream!! how was yours? selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin eh yat! muahhhhss!

theta: instead of using handphones, use em' walkies!! how was your raya? sadia main bunga api, dapat banyak duit tak?

rita: memang kesian ferran! he was so good though, buat muka selamba, watching us.. (p.s: christmas card in progress!) ;)

hazlina: thanks for dropping by! pipi mak dia pon dah boleh tahan gebu jugak! selamat hari raya!

mommy@lif: every budak sure cute pakai baju melayu kan? what's missing was ferran's and aidan's kain sampin. ferran tak ada coz he was too small, and aidan ada, but it was too big! selamat hari raya to you too! and how was yours?

tw: give aidan a handphone anytime, and i can guarantee you he'll stay quiet and calm. mine 2 dah kapot. never ever give your child a handphone nanti tau!

k.ct: kami hari hari gigit dan sedut pipi pipi anak anak kami! haha.. selamat hari raya!