Monday, 10 September 2007


We live in Sittard, the southern part of the Netherlands. We're quite fortunate in the sense that we can be in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands all in one day (we've done 5 countries in a day!). we sometimes shop for Aidan's baby stuff at Aachen, Germany, which is just 20 mins away from home. we get our halal meat in Belgium, and we live in the Netherlands. But if you go to Vaals, you can be in 3 countries at once! that stone in the picture represents where the 3 countries meet.

This is trully a tourist spot. loads of people by the bus loads come up here to witness the view and stand on that sad stone represending the boarders. you can climb up the tower to get a clearer view, if not just stop your car in a safe bay to snap a few shots (like what we did). we were really lucky as that day, there werent many people. the rain had just stopped and it was dinner time, most tourist were gone... we got to snap loads of photos of Aidan posing!

Vaals is actually a mountain. going up to the 3 point country reminds me of going up Frazer's Hill and Cameron Highlands. this is where the 3 countries meet, giving the summit the name of Drielandenpunt ("Three-Country Point") in Dutch, Dreiländereck ("Three-Country Corner") in German, or Trois Frontières ("Three Borders") in French.

There's a cafe, a couple of restaurants, a fritur shop, a gift shop, a woody forest, and activity grounds for kids to play. ample carpark!

Here's Aidan, on the Belgium side..

And Aidan on the German side..

And Aidan on the Netherlands side..



dayatss said...

kantoi plak kat gambo netherland tuu.. auntie ingatkan aidan bleh buat maggiiccc !! =D

Theta said...

Aidan is a such a great sport!

We haven't been to Vaals and didn't know such place exists until you wrote it here.

Thanks! A place to check out when we do 'balik kampung' ;-)

Cat Cat said...

Aidan is so cute. Rasa2 nak cubik pipi-nya... Cute sangat!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hey guys, we hv been there too, twice infact! once for our honeymoon and once for the 40th wedding anniversary of my PIL! The area as we called here in Belgium, is known as DE Voerstreek.Very nice and pleasant, indeed, glad u folks get to see it too = ) Hv a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

wahh...3 countries in a day! unique nyer. lagik unique nengok aidan dok atas batu tanda siap berposingggg. can do magic ye aidan.. eeeii getting chubbier by the day lah! - yaya

Adam said...

I can see someone hiding at the back behind Aidan ;-)

BTW, tagged you with a meme:

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

yat: memang kantoi! haha. kat germany ngan kat belgium hardy yang pegang! part NL aku pegang! and NO! i'm not bigger than hardy! hahaha...

theta: its nice during spring/summer! but nothing can beat kampung ku malaysia! hehehh

cat cat: i'll cubit him for you k? i suck his cheeks everyday!!

mush: hey, next time you're near vaals, let us know!! its quite near to our place. about half an hour or so!! nice kan? selamat berpuasa to you guys from all of us here!

yaya: 3 countries in a second!!

adam: yes yes, guilty!! it was me! i didnt know how to hold him like hardy!! ehehe..