Thursday, 13 September 2007

1 Ramadhan

Ramadhan has started. this is our 2nd ramadhan here, in the netherlands. i couldnt help myself but to think of all the food that we have back home and how the atmosphere is buying kuih at the pasar ramadhan, with the smoke from ayam percik, ayam golek, and the stalls that sells murtabak and roti john.... and not to mention rows and rows of drinks in those clear pastic fish tank containers with colours from white to black!

But anyway, now that we're here and gonna spend many many more ramadhans here, its time to get adjusted to the way it is far from nasi kerabu and bubur lambok. Maghrib is at 8pm and we broke our fast with some dates first, our multifruit drink and kuih vlaai!

Now that we're here, perhaps we can concentrate more on what ramadhan is all about i.e NOT food! its time to be thankful with what we have. grateful with all the blessings and enjoy the moment that we're all together.

Today, i walked to town, to find our kuih for berbuka puasa. not exactly kuih lopis but my favourite vlaai! rijstvlaai.

Last but not least, to those who are reading this, may you have a blessed Ramadhan where ever you are.

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M A Janssen said...

Selamat berpuasa Zaza. Takde kuih Melayu kat sini tapi vlaai itu pun jadilah!!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi Zaza & Family, Selamat bersahur & berbuka! Hv a blissful month of Ramadhan! Salam dari Gent, Belgium
Mush, Brecht & Nora

zuraida said...

selamat menyambut ramadhan almubarak. semoga ibadat puasa kita diterima Allah s.w.t.

dayatss said...

Ramadhan Mubarak to u and your family.

Vlaai tu rase dia camne za ?? cam sedap laaa..

last time our piet made Apple Pie - from the box.. his sister brought for him from Holland... sedappp gileeee !!!!! dia test kat sini nye tak sedap katenye.. heheh

Kak Elle said...

zaza here's wishing u selamat berpuasa...takde kuih? buat sendiri yg senang2:)

Lollies said...

kuih vlaai? kueh apakah itu? tapi nampaknya macam sedap aje.

Ramadhan Qareem to you zaza

Cat Cat said...

I missed juadah ramadhan too... Aduh, where to find in Richmond ya...
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!

k.ct said...

to zaza n family,

selamat menyambut ramadhan almubarak.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

musliha: vlaai itu memang sungguh cukup sekali untuk saya!! enak sekali!

mush, k.zue, k.ct : terima kasih!!selamat berpuasa to you guys too mush. from all of us here!

dayatss: yat! bulan puasa ni kita doa banyak banyak ehhh... *wink* you should taste this vlaii yat! sedap gila. its actually pie! but with a very thick almost bready kindda crust. and this particular one is from the region that we're in (limburg). famous sangat vlaai ni. it is called rijstvlaai (rijst = nasi) took me a year to actually try it, hardy soh try, aku degil, tak mo makan coz pelik gila pie nasi! but yat, serious gila, SEDAPPPPP!! pak kal kau jauh kat sana, kalau tak nanti aku pi uk, aku bawak untuk kau! tanya piet brand apa apple pie dia yat!selamat berpuasa to you yat, this is your... 10th? 11th? 12th ramadhan there?

kak elle: kita tak reti buat kuih kak elle. selalu tak menjadi. ni hardy kata dia nak makan kuih bakar jagung. ha, pengsan! thank you, selamat berpuasa to you too!

lollies: sedappppppppp!! lollies you should try it when you're down here in limburg! you can only get it in limburg (southern part of the netherlands) you can find vlaai everywhere in the netherlands but this particular one, made from this particular bakery is really good. it's actually rice pie! i know it sounds odd, but believe me, its really good! selamat berpuasa to you too lollies!

catcat: memeng best kan pasar ramadhan! we miss malaysia more during fasting and raya period! haha. and the best thing is, not just the muslims enjoy the pasar ramadhan, indians and chinese pon makan nasi kerabu and ayam percik!! its cool!!


Anonymous said...

It looks so yummy.Selamat berpuasa to you and family!


Theta said...

Zaza and family,
Ramadan Kareem to all of you in Sittard!

Those fish-tank containers are ubiquitous this Ramadan season! Hehe!

Poor me...I've been coughing ever since I gulped a worth jug worth of sugarcane!

Rijstvlaii huh? I must say I'm hankering for appelflap and eierkok, meself! ;-)

Anonymous said...

zaza & family...

selamat berpuasa..semoga mendapat keberkatan di bulan yang mulia ini.

intan yoshida sharuddin
mohd. haniszam abdul majid
muhammad haseef amani
muhammad heyqall amani
muhammad haquim amani

Anonymous said...

za, selamat berpuasa to you and family!! menu apa bulan puasa nih? sure lazattts, knowing you with your superb culinary skills. yat, same goes to you too! balik la poser n raya di sini - yaya

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

tw: memang absolutely yummy (the vlaai) selamat berpuasa to you too!

theta: lucky you! this is the best time to be back home!

ayong: awat tak add aku kat ym? boleh chat! oh my god! you have 3 heroes!! lajunya yongg!!!

yaya: selamat berpuasa to you and family as well. menu, well.. nanti tengok crafts and cooks nye blog eh!


Anonymous said...

so soooory for not adding u in ym yet. payah opis aku ni...asal aku nak clik ym jek, satgi keluaq ler "mengikut pekeliling kemajuan kerajaan...bla...bla...and so on" Our IT dept. dah 'blacklist' siap2 takut staf dok mengulaq lebih dari buat kerja...anyway..terkujat ke za tengok im having 3 heroes straight? Laju tak laju za..they were gap by 2 years. the eldest is almost 7 years old..nak masuk darjah 1 next year, so i can feel the same biler u risau aidan nak p sekolah...if u free, rerajinla email aku..kepoh2 ler kat kengkawan kita yang dok kat planet lain tu..tell them that ayong is just out from her 'tempurung'..hehehe..there's so much i wanted to share with u..anyway glad to see u again!


Frankensteina said...

I'm a lil late but I guess better late than never.

Selamat Berpuasa! :)

SysAdmin said...

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan Al-Mubarak :) selamat berpuasa, maaf zahir & batin.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ayong: la.. patot la.. kalau nak email email aku lemah tapi bila ada berita terkini nanti aku email k? there's tonnes to tell you too! and i dont know where to start! apa kata kau bukak topic, kasik aku headline, pas tu aku citer? haha.. yong, your eldest is 7? gosh, i really do have a long way to go eh? banyak gila citer ni nak citer.. ish, YM kan senang!! tak pe, i'll find time k? lots of love!!

frankie: hey it's still ramadhan and we're still fasting! and its never too late! ;) selamat berpuasa to you too my dear.

sysadmin: selamat berpuasa to you too..