Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Home Coming

I find myself eating frozen pizza or maggi mee (instant noodles) everytime when my husband's away on work. eventhough we like that favourite 99euro cents pizza of ours, and our maggis, somehow or rather, i didnt quite like them when i'm eating them all by myself for dinner. it tastes different, and there's always something not right with them when i'm having it alone - either pizza was bunt and maggi's too kembang.. *sigh*

When he's away, i can have the remote control all to myself! i find all men like to hold the remote control and what they do is they switch the channels every second! it'll get worse as they age! (is that true mum? hehe sorry dad!) but last night, strangely enough, i didnt want the remote to myself. i wanted the channels to change every second without me changing it, i wanted him to slouch on our 'poang' ikea chair... and as a result to that, i left our remote in peace, and went straight upstairs, to bed, early. (well, ok, i did write on another dish i cooked lately - click here if interested)

As usual, when he's away, i make sure i have his tshirt he wore to bed the night before, so that, like frankensteina said, i can smell his "masamness".

I'm getting used to him travelling and being alone with aidan. absence makes the heart grows fonder, and i agree to that. i try not to focus on the fact that he's away but more on he's coming back and things to look forward to - the journey, the customer visits, the meetings, the comparison of cultures, and of course, his face when he walks through our front door, seeing me, and when he sees aidan.

Tonight, there will be loads to talk about when he's back, cause this trip, he went for a 'pit stop' at kakak's and redza's. and his luggage will be FULL of stuff!!! hope he doesnt forget my pau kacang merah! (tar sau pau with red bean filling)

I miss my husband. We both do.

Z & Aidan


ann said...

when hubby's away, i always eat maggi too. malas nak masak kalau makan seorang. he was in warsaw on monday but since parents-in-law ares still here, my mother in law lah yg masak. the things i miss most back home, family members i can rely on and visit every weekend (makan free haha).

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

you're so right ann. malas betul nak masak when we're alone kan? and how lucky your parents in law are there! can gantung senduk and apron kejap kan? i miss makan warung :(


Ez said...

berjaya berjaya

Adam said...

Now that you mention it, I do like to hog the remote and change channels until I find one I like. I still change to see whenever there's a break.

BTW, I have fav'd your blog on Technorati. Check out my post here:

Now go and claim your blog on technortati and add me too.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ez! apa yang berjaya?! daging sambal perap dalam minyak kat berjaya ke? balik nanti kita gi makan eh?

loads of love!!!!

adam, all men like to be incontrol of the remote control kan? why eh?

thank you for choosing our blog as one of your favs. will let H do the rest, as i have no idea what to do with it!