Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Going on a jet plane

As my work brings me to various western europe cities, of late, I find it more and more that I'm missing home - Z and A. Well, a trip to Bristol today, and tomorrow I shall be home again....This morning, with him smiling on seeing me from a distance, my feet almost glued to the ground, not wanting to leave. As such I ended up kissing him all over his head, cheek, ears and nose - with hope that it will last till tomorrow even though I doubt it - it's already running low!

Today's journey : an hour to Zaventem luchthaven near Brussels, a drive to Fifi's in Warwick and another 90 mins to Bristol. I've not yet started but I'm already missing home...


lucht = air, haven = port
aeroporto = airport (Spanish)


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

hey, tak aci, you get to eat what kakak masak! and dont forget my pau kacang merah and maggi!

(p.s: we miss you too)


Frankensteina said...

I envy you that you get to travel around. Me, I have a desk bound job. If I stay quiet long enough I have roots coming out of my bums straight to the chair and straight to the ground hehehehehe!

Try this, why don't you bring something that A and Z wore the night before and bring it with you when you travel? That way you can smell their "masamness" anytime you want and you won't miss them so much :D hihiihi just an idea

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

frankensteina: funny la you! and as for me, yes i do keep what H wore the night before, when he's away. always. i smell his tshirt he wore to bed everytime he's on his travelling period. only then i can sleep.

H: why dont you bring A's full load of pampers?!? apamacam?! :P