Monday, 6 October 2008

Our Humble Raya

Our Raya was just a simple one. Raya here in Holland was on Tuesday, a day earlier than home. we only knew about it before going to bed that Monday night. i almost went into panic attack as i wasnt ready with all the stuff to make our little family Raya feast. i was so confident that it will fall on Wednesday!

I know i've said that i wont fuss about Raya, but i'd still want my house to smell like 'Raya' (if you know what i mean). Hardy then reminded me that there's nothing to panic, and suggested we'd go out and have dinner instead!

No way i'm gonna let my boys eat sushi on Raya!

Hardy had to go for a meeting in Germany on the first day of Raya and so Aidan and i continued with our initial plan to make cookies for papa (cant seem to find the photos, but will upload later). it went well... in the beginning! until Aidan poured more and more flour into the dough! there goes our chocolate chip cookies (sigh). we did everything together, from bringing out the ingredients to measuring and mixing. showed him the entire process and told him after he wakes up from his nap, the cookies will be done, out from the oven! it was so much fun asking him to stir and mix! we had less than 10 of them. 1 for aidan (he only had one, probably now he knows the consequences of pouring more flour into the mixture!) and the rest, mama and papa kongsi! (shared). we ate them all, with proudness written all over our faces and in our tummies regardless the texture!

A week before Raya i asked Hardy what should we cook. He said kuah kacang, nasi impit and lodeh would be awesome! since he'll be busy for the rest of the month, we decided to postpone his famous laksa till further notice! first time lucky! everything was edible!! i'm pretty pleased with myself!

The next morning was so busy, busy on the phone from morning till midday! calling most of our families and close friends. calls, calls.....

 and more phone calls!

And last weekend, we went to our friend's Raya gathering at Eindhoven. and it was such a pleasant surprise to meet almost everyone there! cooked ayam percik and had the most delicious rendang in holland! 

Received Raya cards and even duit raya for Aidan! i must reply soon to thank each and every one of you. i just need a little bit more time! but sincerely, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Will be packing... leaving for Paris tomorrow.  i havent even blog about our Czech holiday, and now we're leaving again! oh gosh, where did September go!! time flies SO fast!

Just like most families, we had our family picture taken as well. all dressed up in Baju Kurung. and i'm sure you can tell the theme colour just by looking at Aidan's!

Anyway, how was your Raya?

P.s: I will, i will reply to comments/emails (ranee, you're on top of my list! perhaps we should swap numbers!). 


Wiz said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Zaza, Aidan and Hardy!

Your raya sounds cozy, not much fuss but still it was raya for the three of you spending time together. That is more important than all the rendang and lemangs put together.

farah said...

Aidan looks so grown up already in d pictures!!! :) dah besar tu nnt mesti handsome boy!

Lollies said...

waiting for the family picture. :D

selamat hari raya zaza. sound like a blast one there

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya zaza & family!! Sempena hari yang mulia, i wish to ask for your forgiveness, banyak salah n silap dah buat along the years we've been friends. and i hope you had a splendid raya, with or without ketupat, mercun and the fancies. dah banyak umah pegi beraya? baju raya aidan lawa, siap ngan songket:) mesti banyak dapat duit raya:) yaya

Luthie said...

I hope its not too late to wish you and your family..selamat hari raya! Aidan is growing. He looks so handsome with songkok and baju melayu!.

Greetings from Schwandorfer, Germany.

mak chu ryan yg moody said...

siape watkn baju raye die??yeay2 aidan pakai bj telok belanga..tats my boy!!!!huhuhu...cumel sungguh..nyway,selamat ari raye 2 kak za,a.hardy n aidan n to kak fi and the rest of the family including kak shida n a.alam..miss u yer lik mesia raye sakan k?

Akmal said...

Seronoknya Aidan :)
Selamat Hari Raya.

Laracroft74 said...

Hi Zaza,
Hope it's not too late to wish you and family Selamat Hari Raya..Hope you had a great time with the 2 boys... Aidan looks so gorgeous in his baju melayu!!!eh,where's the family pic?

shasha_zamlis said...

Dik, it was such a surprise n wonderful to receive ur call. Miss all of you. Next year raya kat msia eh? or balik cuti december? kih...kih....kih..... colour scheme u cam janji jer ngan yaya. take care n loves to all.