Sunday, 21 September 2008

To Aidan

The way you came into the world was just simply different than anything else (ask papa the whole story!)

All  i can say is, before you were here, I would die for you..
This is trully, the miracle of love.

You were the tiniest thing i ever decided to put my whole life into.

As i stood and watched you sleeping, the moonlight kissed your face.
My heart is overwhelmed with your beauty and your grace.
How precious and so delicate is your tiny little hand
And the sweetness of your lips and eyes is nothing less than grand

Your spirit and your softness ternderly sets my heart aglow, with a love so deep and infinite that only a mother could know.

So tonight i count my blessings for my darling, Aidan dear, for surely God did hear my heart and answered every prayer.

10 tiny fingers ready to play
10 tiny toes dancing away
2 tiny hands to hold from the start, and
1 precious smile that touches my heart..

I've got food in my tummy!

Little boys are awesome blessings,
filled with imagination and fun.
Their charm is magic and energy abounding,
until the day is done

Before you were born 
I dreamed of you,
I imagined you,
I prayed for you..
Now that you're here,
I hope for you,
I love you,
 and i thank God for you

Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan!


mak chu aymil yg cracko said...

alalalal..cumelnye..jap jek da bsr..kan?cumelnye yg pix aidan main kt sandbox sambil terkangkang 2..mane gambo party die??

Wiz said...

Happy Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Little Aidan. If Aunty Wiz was near, I would make a cake for you!
You are such a delight to read about.

Z, thanks for sharing his stories.

ps. WHere have you been? Selamat Hari Raya!

Nana said...

Happy Birthday Aidan... Kak Zaza.. u are very good in every way....I can see Aidan read this in few years time with full of love and happy tears....:-)

Anonymous said...


aunt Ayong
Shah Alam, Selangor

shasha_zamlis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN. May you grow up to be a wonderful, loving, over achiever boy. Btw...u already are! Sayang, peluk, cium dari Cik Shasha, Uncle Zam, Abg Afi, Kakak Marlin, Abg Aymil n Kakak Milena.

Anonymous said...

salam. ehh the right day to pop in lah. happy 2nd birthday aidan!! hope you get truckful of presents, love and joy. and u are one handsome kid! have a great time. yaya

k.ct said...

happy 2nd birthday to handsome boy a gud son and may GOD bless u always ye.

Akmal said...

Aidan sudah 2 tahun yay!
Hugs for Aidan!

Anonymous said...

Big big birthday wishes for the big big already-two year old boy!



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toughcookie said...

this is sooo sweet la darling... i can feel the love in you. kiss aidan for me ya.

luv lots.

Adlil said...


Happy Birthdy Darling..wahhh dah big boy. Love you lots.

Hugs and Kisses From Everyone in JB

Ajzie said...

Happy Birthday Aidan.

shud said...

Happy happy 2nd birthday Aidan...
Aidan second birthday comes along with the birth of my new born niece Kak nanti Aliesya Raihana bole la kawan ngn abg Aidan yg cumell munggil tuhh..
lots of luv ..hugs n kisses to him

zuraida said...

Zaza.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN. Ofis ni tutup dari 27.9.08 - 5.10.08. Nanti tak sempat nak wish plak.

Kirim salam pada semua disana.

Ms eNVy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aidan :) He just look so adorable Zaza! ..