Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Our Spring 'Road' Trip - We're Back!

We're home!! we arrived home Sunday night after travelling for more than 2500 kms, after passing probably a hundred of tunnels, but with our hearts filled, our face still smiling eventhough we were tired, our tummies filled with pasta and pizzas (and not to mention italian ice cream) and our car full with dirty clothes. we really REALLY had a good time but nothing beats your own home, your own bed, your own kitchen and RICE (i miss rice).

I'm now doing my 3rd round of washing, but thank god the house is clean, we (hardy mostly) cleaned it right before we shoot off for our holidays. groceries are stocked, Aidan is well rested and happy, Hardy's back to work and i'm back to blogging and crafting. we're still downloading our photos from our 2 cameras (almost 2000 photos, can you believe it?!!) and i'm still selecting which ones to show them to you (having a tough time with that!). will do them today and hopefully will post on our trip tonight!

So there were were, the 3 of us, on our road trip to Italy, where we passed 6 (i think yes, 6) countries - from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria.

The swiss snocapped mountains are exactly like those on Toblerone chocolate boxes, and i now know why Fiat created such small cars like Chicochento! till my next post... arrivederci!



nina said...

Yeah!! they are back.. cepat2 plan for tulip sight seing.. i am going back to malaysia insyaAllah 16th May...

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi Z, glad u folks r back safely = ) Looking forward to your pictures ; )

Milkberry said...

OMG I wanna go to Italy!!! I love almost everything Italian (the food, the food, oh glorious Italian food!) Which part of Italy did you go to? One day I will definitely travel all around Italy to taste all their foods from all different provinces!

Wow... cross countries huh? That's craaaazy! Did you take turns to drive or did your hubby drive all the way? If he did he's an endurance champion *claps in awe* But driving all the way sounds really, really fun! Please post as many photos as you can! I'm sure all of them are lovely!!

Oh yes! Welcome back!

IbuHaziq said...

bestnyer dengar...cant wait to see ur pictures hehehe

Anonymous said...

SYOKNYA!!! can't wait to see your pictures! 6 countries ehh...that must be really superb trip. don't care how many times have i said it, you are one lucky woman!! rest well and do let us read your stories and enjoy the photos when you are done with washing ehhh:)yaya