Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Winter in Paris

There were times when i wish i could live somewhere in the big cities of the netherlads, and not in Sittard. Den Haag perhaps, closer to our friends Noreen and Daniel, so that i can go gossip cakap melayu with Noreen. Rotterdam perhaps, closer to my new friend Nina K, and hopefully will get to meet K.Muna as well... the bigger the cities, the more international they are. but i must admit that Sittard is not a bad place to live in. i'm loving it more and more now. especially when we're geographycally ideal to visit major cities of Europe. Brussels is just an hour away, Prague is 8 hours drive, Dusseldorf is an hour away, and Paris is just 4 hours away from home!

Hardy and i share the love for travelling. ideally by car. it gives us the flexibility, mainly on timing. it was Carnaval weekend (when the Dutch go weird and crazy wearing colourful costumes, really nice though!) right up till yesterday, so Hardy planned us a trip to Paris. this was my 3rd trip (first one being 6 years old, too small to remember anything). and our 2nd trip since we got here. the first time was in 2006, when i was 5 months pregnant with Aidan (you can read about it in my old friendster blog, but you'd really have to look and scroll for it).

And this time, we thought i'd be nice to witness Eifel when the sun sets. we missed it but it turned out to be even much more beautiful at night. there's just something about Eifel Tower that makes me melt inside and go all awwwee. i wish everyone would have the privilage to visit Eifel one day. it's simply spactacular.

Here's one with Aidan posing infront of Notre Dame. i'm sure when he's old enough he'll appreciate it more and probably whine at me as to why did i tie his mufla like a makcik! sorry dan...

And one last place before we head home, back to Sittard, would have to be Roland Garros. tennis was once my life. my dream to witness one of the Grand Slam tournaments came true 2 years back where Hardy brought me for one of the matches at Roland Garros. and this visit, we brought Aidan to the grounds. too early for the actual tournament but just to have a feel. Aidan now can swing both forehand and backhand, and guess what i'm gonna buy him for his 2nd birthday!?! hopefully i'll get to sell my cards!

We had a lovely time. a good winter break. but if you ask me would i want to live in Paris, i'd give it a pass. it's beautiful, and there's plenty to love, but way to hectic for someone like me. and to actually drive in Paris, you need tonnes of guts, a brave heart and be 200% confident! (way to go papa!)



Wiz said...

Oh Zaza, you are back! The pics look lovely and Paris looks exactly the way I last saw it. I made a wish at the centre of Paris tu, with my eyes closed lagi, many wishes actually. One of them that I would be back in Paris and another one is to always stay in love with the same guy! ha ha ha.

I wouldn't want to live in Paris too la Zaza, too busy, and dirty. Sittard is my kinda town. Glad you are back.

d a y a t S s said...


gegetkan pipi Aidan utk aku... =)

toughcookie said...

i feel so sad... This Valentine's day my the one will be in paris while i wait back at home. He's going away for 9 days :(

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

wiz: i hope your wish to get to be in paris again will come soon! and hopefully after paris trip take a drive to sittard! hehe.

and your second wish to stay in love with the same guy is working too!! insyaallah, forever and ever and ever! (you are a hopeless romantic eh wiz!) hehe...

dayat: dah!! aku dah gigitkan!

toughcookie J: my dear, lama nya acat gi... tak ikot ke? you still can kan? but it'll be a long flight, unless you travel by business class... you poor little cookie with a bump! hehe. tak pe, i'm sure he'll bring back paris to you! hope you're doing good juan. do you know the sex of the baby yet? do let me know so that i can try and make something for you!!! lots and lots and lots of love! (p.s: dont be too sad on val's day k? try not to focus on it! it's just a day! ;) )