Saturday, 4 August 2007

Fields of Purple and Lilac

Despite the rain that we had, there were some days that the glorious sun was out. we had to really plan our trip and wait for the weather to be bright and sunny. we took a lovely drive through the english countryside, to the Cotswolds region, to a lavender farm at Snowshill.

I havent been to the part of France that has fields fields of lavender (i envy you Noreen!) but i wish we will get there one day. so far this was the closest. as soon as you get out of the car, you will encounter probably the best smell ever being in a countryside - minus the cow dunk! the plenty shades of purple was simply magnificent! these pictures dont show justice at all to what i'm trying to portray!

Yes, these lavender fields are right in the heart of the Cotswolds! you will discover rows and rows of beautiful lavender, with different species spread over more than 50 acres of land. there's a tea room which you can enjoy your english tea and most english desserts, some even made with lavender! (i didnt know they are edible?! do you?). we choose not to have tea cause it was full and so we roamed around the gift shop instead and bought some of their products instead.

Many believe that lavender has a calming effect that will surely soothe and comfort you. The aroma proved its claims of tranquility (see picture below). he looks calm indeed. oh, and we just had to make fun of him since we had some extra popcorn in the car!

We love you Aidan.

Snowshill Lavender Farm opens 7 days a week from June to September 10am to 5pm. Admission is GBP 2.50 adults, GBP 1.50 children.



Theta said...

Intoxicating lavender field as far as the eyes can see! How lovely is that!

And incidentally, all shades of purple are my favourite colour ;-)

Not only is lavender nice-smelling, but it is also therapeutic. Cherubic Aidan's peaceful slumber surely attest to this fact! :D

The Wharfer said...

i do love the scent of lavender and that farm is gorgeous indeed. was at cotswold a few weeks ago but was not aware of existence of such a farm, what a pity!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

theta: they are lovely indeed. and one cant help it but just to stare at the purple sea!! but to tell you quite frankly, i dont really fancy lavender products, but i certainly love the flower and their real smell.

the wharfer: you were in cotswolds a few weeks ago?! that was roughly the same time we were there! did you go to bourton on the water? next time round, visit the field! its not that far.. just a couple of hours drive from the wharf! ;)


Zuraida said...

zaza, ari tu TV3 ada keluarkan dalam buletin utama pasal Lavender field ni (sebelum zaza write in your blog). Very beautiful! tak sangka plak boleh tgk gambar tu kat sini. Masa kuar tv tu adalah dalam 1 minit je tunjuk they all "menuai" (betul ke perkataan ni?) lavender ni.