Sunday, 1 July 2007

Fantastisch Zurich - Day 2

More pictures to share on our fantastic trip to Zurich, taken on our second day.

An awesome day, where we walked and walked and walked till our legs almost fell off out of our bodies, but it was all worth it!



Adam said...

Nice pics. Thanks for the link to my other blog.

Frankensteina said...

Oooh my heart aches everytime I see pics of beautiful places because I am stuck here in the office *sighs*

I hope you peeps have wonderful time :)

Theta said...

The sky is blue there! How wonderful!
Delft is so gloomy this past week. Intermittent rain and blustery front.

If you're in our neck of the woods, let me know!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

adam: you really ought to visit zurich, these pictures are nothing compared to the real scenes!

frankensteina: honeymoon destination or maybe next matta fair book yourselves to zurich! its beautiful!!!

theta: we will be in the uk for our summer holidays alsmost the whole month this month! but we will surely let you guys know when we're near! ;)