Monday, 30 July 2007

Back To Business!

Hardy went back to work today after 4 weeks of summer holidays. over here, you can take up to a month off work for vacantie. as you already know (to those who reads my blog), we spent 3 weeks in the UK, celebrating and welcoming baby Ferran, my new nephew, and the last week, 3 of us spent some quality time at home doing family stuff, which i enjoyed it, totally!

So its back to business for Hardy, back to getting up early at 7.30 in the morning (same goes for me), back to more business trips and away from home, back to meetings and lunch at the cafeteria, me back to saying "have a good day at work" every morning to him , seeing him off by the window, moi back to playing, feeding, changing Aidan alone... back to looking forward to my husband coming home from work and planning what to cook for him, back to asking him "how was your day today?"

I had a really good summer, a wonderful time, and we'll do it all again next year, insyaallah! hopefully to a different destination!

(Will write again slightly later once Aidan takes his nap!)



Uncle Bob said...

Kesian you all kena get used to normal routine after a long and lovely holiday with the whole family. Takpe lah, there'll be other get-togethers to look forward to.

Yah I read the weather reports n they're getting much needed sunshine in England now. Alhamdulillah.

Hannah's doing fine... Bobby says she looks like a hen! Tak senonoh, Haha!

Aidan tu janganlah berat cepat sangat... nanti Tok Bob tak sempat nak carry ke, lambong ke dah terlampau besar. Jangan2 dia yg dukong I nanti tak? hehe

Ayah tu sakit apa lak, stressed out from over-exposure to 2 grandsons ke? Mum u baik? Ferran dan ibu-bapa pon baik? Kalau Ferran suka menetek good tapi wean off before he becomes overly dependent (a few months, I guess) or else jadi cam Adam... tidor pun bergayot. Tak senonoh!

Salam n hugs n lots of love to all! Bye now.

Zaza said...

cle bob,

now there's absolutely NO routine!! routine dah tak tau gi mana dah! i have to start a new one now, so far so good. gigi dia tengah nak keluar 4 kat atas so he's been rather cranky lately.

aidan is i think 12kg. and not even 11 months. how's that? he's way above average for a dutch baby. have i been feeding him too much? memang dah tak boleh lambung. you know mak was thinking that she could still timang him last month when she was here, she tried and had backaches later. i told her, no more timang, those days are over! i think you need to pump up some muscles and eat more to timang him!! :P doctors said everything's good, he's just a big baby, mana tak nya, born at 4.28kg!! keluar je macam a month old baby!!

kakak, redza and ferran's doing really well. ferran pon dah boyot! will mail you a link of their photos k?

ok got to go.. time is so precious when aidan's asleep! boleh mandi lama lama, boleh reply emails, boleh tulis blog! haha...

love to all!!

(p.s: why never yahoo?!)


uncle bob said...

Aiyaa, yahooing means we have to be at the computer at the same time and i'm not sure when you're on plus i get my ilham to get some creative or regular work done at different times lah.

Often i'll go through the pix i had taken in the early morning (on my quite regular walks around kg melayu) or even older ones like my recent trips to the kampungs in Batu Pahat, Pontian, Benut etc and i "experiment" on them using photoshop or a painting software. I usually "lose" myself for hours on end! I'm still learning to use these softwares so i also spend a lot of time searching for tutorials and tips. Plus i try to read as much as possible on what other artists/photographers are doing these days. It's all a lot of fun but my eyes can only take so much punishment and our so-called broadband (ahem) connection is reliable (ahem, cough, cough!).

Do you have a regular or close to regular time at the computer? I skype once in a while for work but you don't seem to be logged on when i check. I don't quite like yahoo m'ger but i'll think about installing it soon ok?

Bye sayang. Salam to Hardy and when you put Aidan to sleep, just as he approaches slumber... whisper to him - Tok Bob loves his baby boy very much.

Theta said...

It'd take some getting used to as well once we're back in Malaysia this late August.

You know having someone else doing the routines with you 24/7.

My husband will also have to switch on his work mosde, as opposed to his study mode, once he warms up the seat at work! ;-)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

cle bob: put up your work on the net and share it with us! nak tengok. but do not, i repeat, DO NOT put up our photos masa kecik eh.

no longer using my old skype, using another name hardy created for us.

p.s: i whispered to aidan tok bob loves him last night!! he's probably wondering who is this tok bob eh.

love lots!!

theta: you guys are going back already? no chance staying another year? i'm sure your husband will be fine swtiching himself to working mode, no problemos. and i really hope that sadia will have no troubles whatsoever as well. but if you do encounter some, it'll just be for a while i'm sure and back home, everybody's there to lend a hand and to support you. what will you miss most when you leave? apart from senseo? ;)


Anonymous said...

hahaha..i agree wit kak zaza!jgn ltk gambar2 jongos yg akan memalukan sume org yek!macih! anak kak ya sgt comel! mohd rayyan pe ek? lupe arg...pls dun blame me..anak sedare da 7 okay! huhu..x senonoh nye mak sedare kan?? last wik i jmpe hannah! jap kembung.. jap mcm kurus sket.. jap mcm teka baby boy.. jap baby girl.. ishk..x tau la..anyway, makin ramai la family kite ni yek.. nanti kite kompol ramai2 lg k kt SS mcm tyme wedding u n kak fi!!k? - nana