Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Polyurethane seat & bouncer

We bought this at Mothercare but returned it the next day when we observed that Aidan almost fill up the gap with no space left! We exchanged it for the baby bouncer.....and he's been happily jumping in it......perfect.



ann said...

happy birthday zaza. hope the date is right.

i bought the same bumbo seat for alesha but she outgrew it soon enough. we're keeping it in storage for the next one. haha. not so soon though.

Adam said...

Aidan looks really cute int he picture.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Ann, he's enjoying it so far though my eyes often fixed to the support hinges, considering he's 9kg....

Adam, thanks. I'm losing ground in that area...he beats me hands down...


Ez said...

Hey Zaza, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you dearly. From Ez, Adam, Rahil and Imaan.

Eh, Aidan is really cute. Hmm, I want that too for Imaan..! Adam?

d a y a t S s said...

tombammm nyee...gerammm!!
nak gegett aidan bleh ?? =D

Frankensteina said...

Oooh Aidan is just so adorable! :D Bought the same baby seat for my niece and she outgrew it like in 3 months or so. Babies grow up so fast!

Can't wait to have me own baby ;)

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

Ann: Thank you! yep, 4th is the right date! thank you thank you! did alesha like the bumbo? keeping it in storage for the next one ey? heheh.. it'll be a swiss baby!!

Adam: cute like me eh?

Ez: thank you guys! ha ah, go get the bouncer, ada kat argos, mothercare and ELC. its so much fun looking at aidan jumping up and down, drooling to the floor sambil bercakap cakap lompat! kelakar!

Dayat: mai la sini jumpa kami!!

Frankensteina: awwww... you will one day, i'm sure, and it'll be wonderful! and yes! they do grow really fast, cant believe he's gonna be 7 months!