Thursday, 12 April 2007

No More A Bowling Alley!

It is important for me (and i'm sure my husband would agree to me as well) to have a dining table in our new home. it is one of the places where you actually sit down (away from distractons like a TV) and talk, start your day with a good healthy breakfast, end your day with a good meal, having a weekend brunch, an afternoon tea..

The dining area in my opinion, is where family values are taught, shared, where learning table manners starts, doing family things together and of course, entertaining.

I remembered mum and dad used to 'lecture' us, reminding us, teaching us a lot of things when we were having our meals. they'd take that opportunity where we'd have no where to run, we'd have to face them, and listen. it's also important to be thankful to God, for the food infront of us, our rezeki, on the table.

Now that our son is beginning to start his mealtimes, i'd want to start him off properly. jangan makan sambil jalan (not that he can walk yet), i'm scared that he'd take after me, doing things whilst walking, eating especially!

And after almost 7 months eating on our island in the kitchen with our high chairs, we finally bought our dining table!! (we still love our island!).

We searched quite a number of places to find the ideal one. by this i mean ideally affordable (if aidan'd scratches or paint, colours it with crayons etc, we'd be able to get another one), ideally good and practical (it can expand longer just in case there'd be a kenduri or aidan gets married for us to jemput orang makan), ideally solid (just in case we have too much food on it), and ideally nice (for sedap mata memandang).

We love it! even with the temporary chairs (need to get more as there's only 3, 3 different ones, one of which is aidan's).

I remember fondly of my times, with my parents and kakak on our dining tables. and i'd want aidan to remember his too!

It sure feels like a family once you have one! really really feels like a family! (and i sure hell feel like a housewife and a mother, serving!)

No more stroller in the house, pushing aidan in the dining room.. space's been taken by a very important furniture! our house is no longer a bowling alley! ;)



Frankensteina said...

Oh gosh I hope my kids won't take after me, eating on the sofa, eating standing up walking around even in bed sometimes!

The baby chair is really nice. And I love your house. The garden bit is great. Over here kalau nak beli rumah ada garden sikit would cost you and armn and a leg..and a few kidneys and perhaps a spleen...heheheh!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

frankensteina dear, we dont have a sofa (yet), if not i'd probably be just like you eating on the sofa too!

baby chair is of the brand STOKKE. and the name is stokke tripp trapp. it grows with your child, and he/she can use it till about 10years old, depending on the child's size of course.

they have the coolest stroller in the world!! kami tak mampu :(